Artificial IntelligenceGoodFirms Announces the List of Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies Globally for Varied Industries – 2021

These days, several sectors are investing in Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies at GoodFirms to help them in their digital transformation. Today AI is everywhere and assisting businesses in various forms. It includes the digital assistants on a website chat to respond to messages quickly, track the user’s journey as they navigate through the website, analyze behaviour using AI tools and much more.

Using this AI technology, organizations can simplify several processes like extracting new insights, transforming decision making, driving improved business outcomes and creating a more efficient and profitable business. Thus, companies adopt AI technology to automate their manual and time-consuming tasks to focus on higher-value work.

Presently, many businesses seek leading AI companies to help them implement AI technology to gain a competitive benefit within e-commerce, manufacturing, human resources, accounting, customer relations, marketing and many more. Therefore, GoodFirms has unveiled the list of Top AI Companies from various industries like Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Marketing, Manufacturing, Retail & Ecommerce, and Transportation.

Take a Look at List of Top AI Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Marketing, Manufacturing, Retail & Ecommerce, and Transportation Companies at GoodFirms:

Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies:

MobiDev, Talentica Software, Sigma Data Systems, SPEC INDIA, Avenga, 7EDGE, SoluLab, Cyber Infrastructure Inc., Redwerk.

Best Healthcare AI Companies:

AiCure, AltexSoft, Apixio, Maxwell Plus, Arterys, Atomwise, CloudMedx, Enlitic, Turbine, Jvion.

Best AI Companies in Financial Sector:

Sigmoidal, Kensho, DataVisor,, Zest AI, Symphony AyasdiAI, Kavout, Alpaca,  Vectra, DLabs.

Best AI Companies for Insurance Industry:, Azati Software Corporation, Chisel AI, Gradient AI, Avaamo, daotData, Shift Technology, Fadata, Neutrinos, OSP Labs.

Best AI Companies for Marketing Industry:

Datorama, Avaus, MindLytiX, GumGum, Albert, NEUON AI, Amplero, Node, BrancoSoft Private Limited, Exemplary Marketing LLC.

Best AI Companies for Manufacturing:

LeewayHertz, Citadel Analytics, World Wide Technology, 2021.AI, Uptake, Quantellix ML, Wizata, Hacarus, Emerton Data, Augmentir.

Best Retail & Ecommerce AI Companies:

Redwerk, AltexSoft, Peak, Rsystems, Datamatics, Digifutura Technologies, ThoughtSpot, Unicsoft, Chop Dawg, Hey Machine Learning.

Best AI Companies In Transportation:

Trigent, Endive Software, TechSpeed, Space-O Technologies, Django Stars, IntelliCompute, Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Celadon, PerfectionGeeks Technologies, TechnoYuga Pvt. Ltd.

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The research mainly includes three main factors that are Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Further, these components are subdivided into numerous metrics, such as verifying the past and present portfolio of each agency, years of experience in the expertise area, online market penetration, and reviews from clients.

Focusing on overall research, every agency is assessed and provided with a set of scores that are out of a total of 60. Hence, according to these points, all the firms are indexed in the list of top development companies, most excellent software, and varied sectors of industries.

Moreover, GoodFirms supports the service providers by asking them to engage in the research process and show evidence of their work. Thus, grab an opportunity to Get Listed for free in the list of top companies as per the categories. Obtaining the position at GoodFirms among the best service providers helps firms to expand their reach to new prospects globally, increase their productivity and sales



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