CloudFinancial Service Companies Look to Elevate Security by Partnering with Cloud Experts Offering Integrated Solutions

The surge in cloud adoption in the UK has caused a simultaneous increase in the incidence of cyberattacks. The financial service industry (FSI), one of the leading adopters of cloud and new digital technologies, has often been a target for cybersecurity threat actors due to the sensitive nature of its data. To survive the waves of increasingly sophisticated attacks, FSI businesses turn to third-party cloud experts with integrated solutions that can offer them deep and wide-ranging visibility into their networks and devices.

Frost & Sullivan’s latest white paper, Modernising Operations and Customer Interactions in the UK Financial Services Industry, analyzes the opportunities and challenges inherent in FSIs’ recent migration to the cloud. It explores how the right solution provider can ensure successful outcomes.

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“FSI businesses need to work with partners that understand the industry’s requirement for secure, compliant solutions and provide the right tools for data storage and management. Such tools can help avert costly repatriation, security challenges, and keep costs manageable,” said Roberta Gamble, Partner & Vice President at Frost & Sullivan. “Advanced cloud solution providers such as NetApp are ideally positioned to address FSIs’ direct needs, creating greater organizational visibility through a ‘single pane of glass’ offering.”

“FSI is a heavily regulated industry with significant internal compliance, so any solution deployed must ensure these requirements are met, while still providing all the value of moving to the Cloud, such as greater agility, accelerated modernisation and the increased ability to innovate.  NetApp provides both solutions and expertise to thousands of FSIs looking to deploy a Hybrid, Multi-cloud environment,” said Steve RackhamSenior Solutions Engineering Manager – FSI at NetApp.

With the right security solution, FSIs can be sure that:

  • The data is fully protected yet fully accessible wherever it resides.
  • The full benefits of cloud are realized while limiting risks.
  • They are compliant with all industry regulations.
  • Data backup and recovery from the cloud are optimal.
  • The management of a multi-cloud environment will be easy.


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