CloudFerguson Waterworks Partners with Trimble to Offer Utilities Greater Access to Technology for Digitizing Water and Wastewater Assets

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) and Ferguson Waterworks announced today a collaboration, which benefits utility customers throughout Ferguson’s extensive network of over 1,600 locations. Trimble’s digital water solutions are available to Ferguson municipal and utility customers with access to a wider selection of technology to complement Ferguson’s existing water solutions.

Trimble develops innovative solutions for the management and digitization of utility infrastructure systems. Solutions include Internet of Things (IoT) remote water monitoring devices such as hydrant pressure recorders, wastewater flow and level monitors, and water flow monitors. When combined with Trimble® Unity™ platform software, utilities can streamline processes between the office and field.

For data collection, Ferguson customers will also have access to Trimble’s handheld GNSS receivers along with Cityworks asset management software. This software enables utilities to digitize their systems, allowing for better visibility of their assets. From water distribution systems to sewage collection systems, Trimble’s full suite of water hardware and software solutions empower water utilities to gain efficiencies and increase productivity.

“Utility owners and operators are facing many challenges managing their aging infrastructure. Now more than ever, utilities need access to technology and choices to find solutions that connect and unify their existing systems,” said Robert Flaherty, director of North American Sales, Trimble’s Water Division. “Ferguson will be able to leverage Trimble’s advanced IoT and remote monitoring technology to complement its existing product offerings for customers.”

“Ferguson Waterworks is excited to offer Trimble’s digital water solutions across the nation. Proactive maintenance practices and operational optimization are behaviors we witness regularly from the municipal utility customers we serve, and our collaboration with Trimble allows us to better support our customers with these processes,” said Nick Lanza, Ferguson Waterworks, director of Municipal Sales.


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