CloudExchange Solutions Announces Launch of Promo Enhance, an Advanced Targeting and Personalization Engine for Loyalty Promotions

Exchange Solutions, a personalized loyalty solutions provider, today announced the launch of a new, modular, SaaS based offering that enhances loyalty program performance without having to replace an existing loyalty platform.

The new offering, called Promo Enhance, leverages superior promotion personalization, automation, customer experience and analytics / insights features and functionality from Exchange Solutions’ ES Loyalty product. Specifically, Promo Enhance allows retailers to:

  • Execute complex, highly personalized offers in minutes
  • Drive both transactional and engagement style behaviors
  • Delight members with engaging offer experiences, across all channels
  • Boost operational efficiency with an intuitive, self-serve SaaS console
  • Measure promotion performance with real-time insights
  • Enable through a quick and seamless integration, which works with any loyalty program

“Exchange Solutions understands that retailers want to foster better relationships with their consumers, especially those that belong to their loyalty programs. Promo Enhance gives any retailer an opportunity to do so quickly and efficiently by offering more relevant and impactful promotional experiences,” said Scott MacDonald, Vice President Product & Marketing at Exchange Solutions. “Promo Enhance is a perfect fit for retailers that need to ramp up their promotion personalization efforts but do not have the resources or hefty budget required to completely replace their existing platform, including those offered by our competitors. We commit to working with any program platform in order to help retailers maximize loyalty member spend & promotion profitability, improve member experiences and streamline promotion management. We are thrilled by the results generated to date and are excited for the opportunity to continue growing loyalty program performance on an ongoing basis.”

Exchange Solutions will be presenting an in-market case study with Harry Rosen at CRMC 2021, which begins today in Chicago. Darren Thompson, Director CRM & Loyalty at Harry Rosen shared his initial thoughts about the day-to-day momentum his team has built since implementation. “The Promo Enhance console enables our team to move quicker than traditional promotional processes or tools previously let us. I can be in a review and planning meeting at 10am and by 10:15 I’ve launched relevant, personalized offers that easily get communicated to our members in the right channels.”

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