CloudePlus Launches Turn-Key Technology Bundle to Facilitate Adoption of Artificial Intelligence by Healthcare Organizations

ePlus inc. (NASDAQ NGS: PLUS – news) today announced that it has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) workflow technology bundle, combining hardware, software and AI implementation services, to help healthcare organizations accelerate clinical and operational AI projects from concept to production.

The AI Workflow Accelerator Bundle for Healthcare provides a complete turn-key platform for AI discovery and visualization, modeling and experimentation, productization and operations. It includes GPU-accelerated hardware from NVIDIA or Cisco with proprietary software from John Snow Labs, implementation services from ePlus and optional training and model development consulting services from SFL Scientific.

There are a growing number of highly practical uses for AI in healthcare settings, yet many organizations struggle with how to get started assessing what they need, identifying use cases and implementing the technology. According to a recent survey from KPMG, 37 percent of healthcare industry executives reported that the pace at which they are implementing AI is too slow and 47 percent responded that their organizations offer AI training courses to employees.

The AI Workflow Accelerator Bundle for Healthcare removes these and other barriers to entry by giving organizations an efficient, comprehensive package to help tailor their own solution, from hardware and software to rapid implementation, training and accelerated data consumption. The bundle takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of parsing together an AI platform by giving organizations a pre-bundled solution of technology and training components that help fast-track modeling, implementation and usage, helping them more quickly achieve success and hastening access to rich data insight.

“Utilizing this technology platform allows organizations to more confidently design, implement and begin using AI in very practical ways that will accelerate access to actionable, data-driven insight that helps to solve a variety of problems unique to healthcare environments,” said Ken Farber,  president of software, national partners, marketing and strategy at ePlus. “The AI Workflow Accelerator Bundle for Healthcare can serve as a powerful foundation from which organizations can build applications that help them realize operational efficiencies, enhanced patient outcomes and improved financial performance as a result of streamlined information discovery and advanced analytical capabilities. We’re very excited to bring this solution to market and are proud to work with such high caliber partners to do so.”

“The healthcare industry is being transformed, and the application of AI is increasingly becoming a game changer in enhancing both clinician and patient experiences,” said David Talby, chief technology officer at John Snow Labs.  “This bundle leverages a powerful combination of technology and services that will make it faster and easier for organizations to put AI to good use while tackling the unique compliance, terminology, and integration challenges of healthcare.”

“The combination of technology and services available from ePlus, John Snow Labs, and SFL Scientific is handing organizations flexible, fast access to smart AI solutions that support the success and advancement of the healthcare industry,” said Eddie Newland, director of AI services at SFL Scientific. “Developing AI solutions in highly regulated industries adds additional layers of scrutiny to an already complex task. This unique approach should allow healthcare leaders to feel confident that their organizational goals can be achieved in a compliant, secure and scalable environment that will grow as they continue to adopt AI throughout their organization.”


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