CloudEMQ X Cloud Fully Managed MQTT Messaging Service for IoT Now Available on GCP

EMQ, the leader of open-source and cloud-native distributed MQTT broker for IoT, recently announced that EMQ X Cloud is now available on Google Cloud Platform (hereinafter referred to as GCP). With support for GCP, EMQ X Cloud now supports all major cloud platforms, including GCP, AWS, Azure, Aliyun Cloud, etc., enabling users to effortlessly carry out their IoT projects with MQTT in multiple regions of multiple or hybrid clouds without the hassle of deploying and managing self-managed MQTT services.

EMQ X Cloud is easy to get started. To create an EMQ X Cloud deployment, all you need to do is registering on the EMQ X Cloud website ( with no credit card required, selecting the edition of EMQ X Cloud you want, choosing the public cloud platform and its region and specifications, and you’re up and running with ease.

Fully-managed cloud-native MQTT messaging service

EMQ X Cloud is the world’s first fully-managed cloud-native MQTT messaging service, providing a one-stop hosting service to connect IoT devices to everything with reliable, real-time IoT data movement, processing and integration, accelerating the IoT application development and innovation without the burden of managing infrastructure. Users can achieve fully automated environment creation, service deployment, on-demand scaling, service monitoring and alerting, and quickly build industry applications for IoT.

  • Low latency: EMQ X Cloud guarantees millisecond latency in message delivery with the soft real-time runtime system. Now combined with the strength of GCP which is particularly known for its low latency between regions, EMQ X Cloud will undoubtedly offer a tremendously efficient real-time transmission of messages.
  • High availability: EMQ X Cloud adopts the Masterless cluster architecture to ensure the high availability of services, while GCP features live migration with zero effect. A combination of the two provides a strong offering of 99.95% availability of a single instance and 99.99% availability of multiple instances in different regions.
  • Multi-cloud services: To meet enterprises’ growing demands of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud, EMQ X Cloud provides a unified MQTT cloud service across all mainstream cloud platforms with more than 20 availability zones and dozen regions supported worldwide.

Powering the future-proof IoT solutions

EMQ provides the leading open-source data infrastructure for IoT to help achieve unified “Connect, Move, Process and Analyze” IoT data from edge to cloud. Working with customers from various industries like Carrier, Internet of Vehicles, Finance & Payment, Power & Utilities, IIoT, AIoT, and Energy etc., EMQ keeps carrying the mission and vision of powering the future-proof IoT solutions and the enterprise digital transformation.


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