Marketing AutomationDigiFabster and Materialise Collaborate to Integrate E-Commerce and Quoting Solution into Additive Manufacturing Workflow

DigiFabster, a cloud-based SAAS quoting automation and e-commerce solution for advanced manufacturing companies, and Materialise, a global leader in 3D printing software and service solutions, announced a collaboration to connect DigiFabster’s automated quoting and eCommerce solution with Materialise CO-AM, an open software platform to manage the additive manufacturing (AM) production process. Manufacturing companies using DigiFabster and CO-AM benefit from a seamless AM workflow from order entry to delivery and can offer their customers a modern eCommerce front-end experience.

With the rise of e-commerce solutions, DigiFabster found that 80% of the time, buyers will work with the provider that delivers the first quote. Traditional order processing is a lengthy task via phone and email, often combined with scattered data in separate locations. This increases administrative overhead, causing service bureaus unnecessary costs. On a global market, customers are looking for responses 24/7 and fast quote turnaround time. Accessibility, high responsiveness, and fast delivery are paramount for 3D printing manufacturers as flexible order management, improved time-to-market, and the ability to deliver time-sensitive parts on short notice are vital benefits for their customers.

Speed and Transparency

To solve these challenges, DigiFabster and Materialise have joined forces to integrate the DigiFabster eCommerce portal, automated quoting, costing, and payment automation solution with the Materialise CO-AM software platform. DigiFabster is a fully white-labeled eCommerce portal offering a machine learning-driven quoting system. DigiFabster’s machine learning helps manufacturers automate and accelerate quoting, saving time and costs. Their customers can provide quotes around the clock with a positive customer experience.

“It’s time to prioritize customer experience in B2B, especially when it comes to enabling AM service bureaus,” shares Pieter Hens, Senior Partnership Manager. “Integrating DigiFabster’s solution into CO-AM closes the gap between front-end and back-end.”

To facilitate customer support and accelerate business processes even further, the CO-AM integration enables the streamlining of order data into CO-AM’s Order Management System (OMS). OMS is integrated with Magics, Materialise’s leading data and build preparation software. Using Magics, all data and build preparation will be automatically version-controlled within CO-AM. When parts are ready for production, they can be scheduled with CO-AM. Assigned work plans instruct employees on completing production activities until delivery while ensuring production and quality requirements are met. This will help manufacturers keep track of orders and give instant status updates to their customers.

“Speed and reliability are essential for manufacturing companies,” explains Const Ivanov, CEO of DigiFabster. “Working with Materialise, we will be able to offer a digital manufacturing workflow that offers a modern customer experience and helps our customers win more business. This partnership will offer significant value to our customers.”

The Materialise CO-AM Software Platform gives manufacturers cloud-based access to a full range of software tools that allow them to plan, manage, and optimize every step of the 3D printing process. It provides access to complementary solutions from Materialise and third parties, including CO-AM partner solutions for design automation, mass customization, automated labeling, and various post-processing technologies. CO-AM enables AM users to connect and manage technologies from different machine builders over one platform.


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