Advertising & PromotionDeveloping Telecoms: Chinese 14nm Chips to Enter Full-scale Mass Production In 2022

Developing Telecoms reports shifting trends in semiconductors will see 14nm microchips achieving full-scale production in China as early as next year.

According to Wu Hanming, Dean of the College of Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics at Zhejiang University, in the post-Moore era, the development of industrial technology has slowed down. However, the space and opportunities for industrial technologies’ innovation have been increasing in China. Domestic companies have invested a lot of resources in manufacturing technology, providing equipment with the capabilities needed in large-scale chip manufacturing production lines.

Against the backdrop of the rise of the Internet of Things, the transfer of the semiconductor industry, and the era of Moore’s Law drawing to a close, self-sufficiency in 14nm chips will mean a lot since 14nm chips have become the focus of demand across a range of industries. In China, the development of 14nm chips has successfully overcome many technical problems and breakthroughs have also been made in the research and development of the process. Wu believes that the four cores for the technological development of the entire integrated circuit industry are small size, multiple functions, low power consumption, and low cost. Considering the increasing demand of transistors and unit cost, 14nm process technology will still be the mainstream process for most mid-to-high-end chips, and it is currently one of the most highly valued process technologies.

As a country with production capacity, where the growth rate is higher than the global average growth rate, Wu suggests China should focus on localisation and establish an industrial oriented technology culture. Developing Telecoms believes China can use 14nm chip technology to meet general chip needs and at the same time, to create new development opportunities in the domestic chip manufacturing industry supply chain.

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