CloudDelta Americas’ IoT-based Energy-Saving Solutions for Smart Cities and HVAC Infrastructure Showcased Online

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today launched an online event site for its customers in the Americas region. The site highlights a broad spectrum of IoT-based and energy-saving solutions for smart cities, including building automation, industrial automation for HVAC applications, ventilation fans, surveillance and LED lighting. The showcase features the IoT-based O3 Edge system, which combines the U.S.-patented O3 multisensor and the O3 Room Controller—enabling smart seamless control of HVAC, access and lighting, increasing building efficiency and safety. The new LPAD-7 Touch Panel is the ideal solution to control/visualize office environmental operations as it boasts multisensor technology, user-friendly design and compatibility with a broad range of communication protocols. VTScada, an intuitive SCADA platform for industrial monitoring/control that supports processes for more than 80 million people worldwide, is also a major attraction of the online exhibition.

Kelvin Huang, President of Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd., said, “We are thrilled to share our expanded portfolio of smart green solutions, which help cut operating costs, increase human wellbeing and promote long-term sustainability in buildings and cities across North America and South America. We also look forward to cooperating further with our customers and partners in the Americas region to deploy solutions that create a low-carbon future for generations to come.”

Delta customers and partners can access the site in the Americas region at Key highlights are:

  • Building Automation Solutions:

    The award-winning O3, developed by Canadian-based Delta Controls, a Delta Group company, integrates with the standalone O3 Room Controller, offering connectivity with BACnet, DALI, EnOcean, Universal I/O, and Modbus communication protocols to facilitate smart control of room HVAC, access and lighting sub-systems. The O3 Sensor Hub boasts U.S.-patented technology integrating temperature, humidity, motion, light intensity and sound sensors in one platform. The O3 helped save up to 15% annual electricity savings at a large venue in south Florida and corrected substantial energy waste by correcting data measurement limitations in traditional wall thermostats for the venue’s 17 air conditioning units. The newly-launched LPAD-7 Touch Panel, developed by Austrian-based LOYTEC–a Delta Group company–is an innovative and user-friendly device featuring an ultra-thin (21mm) casing, 7-inch IPS display, embedded sensing technology. The LPAD-7 is compatible with a broad range of building control protocols like BACnet, EnOcean, LonMark, Modbus, Bluetooth, OPC XML/DA and OPC UA. The LPAD-7 facilitates comprehensive smart room control and visualization in office, commercial, hospitality and even residential buildings. 

  • Industrial Automation Solutions for HVAC Applications:

    VTScada, a robust supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) platform developed by Canadian-based Trihedral, a Delta Group company, allows for the creation of customized industrial monitoring and control in a wide range of mission-critical applications, including manufacturing, water treatment, HVAC, medical, power generation, food and beverage, airports, and more. VTScada supports customers’ operations in over 150 countries worldwide.

    The Delta Vector Control Drive CP2000 series for fans and pumps is equipped with superior HVAC industrial parameters of fan, pump and air handling unit (AHU), PID control and multi-segment V/F control curve capabilities, as well as built-in 10K-step PLC programming. Besides, the CP2000 series features multi-pump control which enhance the operating efficiency of up to 8 motors. This sensorless vector control drive also offers multiple communication protocols, such as BACnet and Modbus, and other options, including EtherNet/IP and PROFINET. The modular design of the CP2000 series allows for effective maintenance, with removable terminal blocks and fans, as well as hot-pluggable LCD keypad.

  • Delta Breez Ventilation Fans:

    The brand new Breez Air Mover AMR1200 series boasts Delta’s proprietary DC brushless fan technology and dual blade design to provide industry-leading energy efficiency. It only requires 97W input power for 1,200 CFM airflow versus up to 300W in peer products. The AMR1200 is remarkably quiet as it generates only around 55-A dB at maximum speed, even lower than normal conversation sound levels (over 60 dB-A). With only close to 12.4lb weight, users will find the AMR1200 particularly pleasant to operate.

  • Antimicrobial Lighting:

    Our antimicrobial ActiveCLEAN™ series, designed and manufactured by Oakland, N.J.-based Amerlux, a Delta Group company, underscores Delta’s focus on lighting solutions helping lower the carbon footprint of buildings and improving overall health, safety and comfort conditions. ActiveCLEAN™ luminaries feature UV-free 405-nanometer wavelength lighting that fights viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold and mildew.

  • Surveillance Systems:

    VIVOTEK, a Delta Group company specializing in next-generation surveillance systems, showcases its Fisheye Network Camera FE9391-EV-v2 series on Delta Americas’ event site. This innovative surveillance camera provides excellent imaging quality with 12-megapixel CMOS sensor technology and 2944×2944 resolution. Moreover, its intelligent motion detection capabilities substantially reduce false alarms. Last but not least, embedded IoT security by Trend Micro, ensures optimal data protection for surveillance operators.


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