CloudCustomers Expand Their Horizons with OpenText Cloud Editions 24.2

OpenText™ (NASDAQ: OTEX), (TSX: OTEX), the information company, today announced Cloud Editions (CE) 24.2 at its OpenText World Europe conference April 15-18.  OpenText’s innovations combine trusted information management solutions and data strategies with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to make work smarter, safer, and simpler.

Titanium X is OpenText’s strategic product roadmap to be delivered by CE 25.2.  The three areas of innovation are:

  • Business Clouds: Knowledge with security can be a competitive advantage for our customers in modern work and business fabrics. OpenText sets out to elevate everyone – from engineers to IT – with integrated and secure technology to drive meaningful simplification and efficiencies.
  • Business AI: Data governance, compliance, and authentication are table-stakes today. OpenText is applying generative AI to power customers to get more out of their IP. With AI-assistants that run across large private data sets, the right people get the right information.
  • Business Technology: Connected data is an imperative and prerequisite as workloads continue to shift to cloud. OpenText is focused on bringing customers enterprise-strength data platforms deployed anywhere in any way – private cloud, public cloud, or through APIs.

As AI continues to shape our world, trust and governance is essential for fostering confidence in AI technologies. With 80% of organizations already exploring or investing in generative AI, transparent and accountable AI technologies are imperative for the future of customer support and customer success. Built from OpenText’s expertise in information management, the company’s latest AI-enabled innovations are poised to meet this need, providing robust solutions to fuel innovation and growth.

“As organizations navigate their Cloud, Security and AI journeys, establishing trust in data integrity is paramount and at the center of what is required,” said Muhi Majzoub, EVP and Chief Product Officer, OpenText. “With CE 24.2, we are delivering against our 90-day innovation cycles to bring advancements in our Business Clouds, Business AI, and Business Technology.  OpenText solutions bring knowledge and empowerment, equipping our customers and partners with the tools and data insights needed to navigate these journeys effectively, regardless of the challenges they face.”

Business Clouds

New offerings in OpenText Business Clouds 24.2 include:

  • OpenText Experience Cloud – OpenText Core Journey is now available to help customers better strategize, design, and execute customer communications effectively at scale for onboarding, compliance, and retention experiences.
  • OpenText Business Network Cloud – OpenText Trading Grid is now integrated with Oracle NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to enable mid-sized enterprises to seamless manage connections across vendors.
  • OpenText DevOps Cloud – OpenText Application Lifecycle Management is now integrated with SAP cloud to enable customers to speed up testing and accelerate SAP release cycles.
  • OpenText IT Operations Cloud – OpenText OpsBridge has new open telemetry capabilities for application observability to drive better monitoring and real time insights across IT estate.
  • OpenText Cybersecurity Cloud – OpenText Fortify has a refreshed user experience for developers to seamlessly perform code vulnerability checks and security measures. OpenText NetIQ and OpenText Magellan is now integrated for better identity intelligence management.

Business AI

New offerings in OpenText Aviator include:

  • OpenText™ Content Aviator is an intelligent assistant that simplifies information retrieval with conversational search, content summaries, and translation features. Now integrated with OpenText Core Content, Extended ECM, and Documentum, it automates content and workspace analysis, boosting workflow efficiency and knowledge reuse without having to move the data.
  • OpenText™ IT Operations Aviator, a private generative AI virtual assistant, is now integrated into OpenText™ SMAX. Formerly exclusive to ITSM users, this advanced service management solution now extends support to service desk agents. With an AI agent capable of summarizing incoming tickets and offering solutions, agents can resolve issues more efficiently to heighten user satisfaction, improve productivity, and mitigate staffing challenges.
  • OpenText™ Operations Bridge with Aviator adds a private intelligent assistant, powered by generative AI, that empowers every troubleshooter with a simple guided search interface to find the relevant information and resolution steps quickly. By combining Aviator AI capabilities with Operations Bridge automation, organizations can deliver uninterrupted service and improve performance with less resources.
  • OpenText™ DevOps Aviator now empowers developers and testers with a simple, embedded conversational search with an Ask-me-anything AI assistant. As end-to-end software quality assurance becomes mission critical for large banks, auto manufacturers, biotech firms, and more, customers can now much more easily gain insights and pursue functional and performance testing faster with OpenText ValueEdge.
  • OpenText™ Experience Aviator is now available on OpenText Exstream and TeamSite, integrating generative AI to enhance web and customer communication experiences. This update empowers customer experience leaders to maximize customer lifetime value and auto-generate relevant personalized customer material at scale.
  • OpenText™ Axcelerate™ with Aviator is a new comprehensive Axcelerate eDiscovery solution designed to streamline legal investigations and inform case strategy effectively. The latest introduces generative AI capabilities, empowering legal departments and law firms to identify and summarize crucial documents and concepts swiftly and accurately. This enhancement aims to expedite investigations and review processes, ensuring timely and informed decision-making.

Business Technology

New offerings in OpenText™ Aviator Platforms 24.2 include:

  • OpenText™ Aviator Core Analytics Database is a new SaaS enterprise-level data lake house that merges the power of OpenText Vertica’s advanced database with the flexibility of a multi-tenant platform. The new offering provides users with self-service insights, fostering better decision-making capabilities while lowering total cost of ownership and carbon footprint.
  • OpenText™ Aviator Search now offers revolutionary capabilities in information extraction and enrichment across file formats, bolstered by advanced security features like generative AI and large language models. With CE 24.2, users can now access enhanced conversational functions, enabling seamless information retrieval. This update also empowers users to pinpoint answer origins and validate them across data sources, delivering heightened accuracy and efficiency.
  • OpenText™ Aviator IoT introduces traceability, authentication, and an out-of-the-box data lake for IoT event data that enables users to track and manage all types of high value assets for their business. OpenText™ Aviator IoT offers end to end visibility designed to elevate data consistency and transparency while enhancing operations in supply chain and asset management.
  • OpenText™ Aviator Thrust Studio introduces a real-time digital assistant designed to support developers throughout the application-building process. Now, developers can use an early access version of OpenText™ Aviator Thrust Studio within VS Code to assist in generating code that utilizes our Thrust APIs. This intelligent assistant streamlines development tasks, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


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