Artificial IntelligenceSales & MarketingCoachEm Announces Sales Acceleration with New Customers to its Novel AI Sales Coaching Execution Platform

CoachEm ( announced today that two leading SaaS companies, SchoolStatus ( and Parchment (, have each selected CoachEm, the coaching execution platform, in order to activate and elevate their manager effectiveness in pursuit of both immediate productivity gains and sustainable business growth.

CoachEm uses proprietary machine learning intelligence to determine which behaviors and skills each individual sales rep needs to work on to improve outcomes. Specifically, the patent-pending technology analyzes patterns, highlights the ‘why’ behind the data with root causes, and identifies the actions that will ultimately affect the results going forward. The coaching execution platform removes the guesswork around rep performance, and enables managers to hold reps accountable for building sustainable skills that turn behavior into business results. CoachEm leverages a company’s existing technology stack, which maximizes the investment they’ve already made.

“We chose CoachEm to help establish a coaching culture within our organization,” says Phil Charland, Chief Revenue Officer of SchoolStatus. “We’re excited to be able to provide our front line managers with a platform to help them maximize the performance of each rep with more effective 1:1s and team meetings.”

“Success is in the agency of others,” says Kevin Martin, Chief Growth Officer of Parchment. “With so much data available to our sales and customer success managers, we chose CoachEm to help take the prep work and guesswork out of the 1:1s and team meetings to provide focus on the actions that will translate into immediate business results.”

“We built the world’s first coaching execution platform using causal AI as the co-pilot for the manager. Managers using CoachEm see an immediate bump in productivity and massive gains in terms of retention, quota attainment, and scalability over the long run,” says Colum Lundt, CEO of CoachEm. “We are excited about the momentum of our business as our growth phase accelerates.”

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