CloudChaosNative launches Chaos Engineering products for the enterprise – A self-managed enterprise version for On-Premise and a Cloud Chaos Service

 ChaosNative Inc, the company that originally created the popular open source chaos engineering project LitmusChaos, has announced the general availability of its enterprise product and the beta version of its chaos service at its yearly chaos conference ChaosCarnival.  The enterprise product, ChaosNative Litmus Enterprise, is for DevOps and SREs looking for on-premise chaos engineering tools that are self managed, while the cloud service, ChaosNative Litmus Cloud, offers a hosted LitmusChaos control plane.

Enterprises looking to integrate self-managed chaos engineering into their workflow can download the 30-day trial version at DevOps engineers, SREs and even organizations  looking for chaos as a service can sign up at  for free, get instant access to their own Litmus control plane, and connect their chaos targets. The chaos service offers a free-forever tier which includes two chaos agents and 60 chaos workflow-runs/month. Users can upgrade to the paid version at the industry’s lowest price of $29/user/month which offers unlimited agents and 100 workflow-runs/month.

“We are thankful to the CNCF and the entire LitmusChaos community for their support and contributions to the LitmusChaos project, which recently moved to CNCF incubator”, said Uma Mukkara, co-founder & CEO of ChaosNative and a maintainer on the LitmusChaos project. “We are excited about this launch of enterprise product and service around Litmus. ChaosNative Litmus is open core and offers enterprise support and additional features on top of Litmus. Now Litmus users have the option to get the SLA based support and services from the creators of Litmus. We are looking forward to taking Litmus to new heights with more community and enterprise adoption.”


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