Marketing AutomationCarota expands its core OTA business with new solutions

Carota, a global one-stop Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrade and remote diagnostic full solution provider, today reveals its new services for the mobility industry and car OEMs.

“We are committed to enhancing our services and meeting the growing demand for advanced mobility solutions,” said Paul Wu, CEO and Founder of Carota. “Our mission is to supply automakers with a one-stop full solution for OTA testing and deployment, remote diagnostic, cybersecurity, digital content management, and subscription services. Through the acquisition of EGK, a well-known domestic IoV service provider, Carota extends its IoV services and commercial application spectrum to deliver a comprehensive fleet management system and driving analytical services.

Paul Wu explains why Carota decided to unveil its new product line at this point of time, “As vehicles are getting more software-defined and complex, our goal is to position ourselves as the software tier-1 provider for both traditional and EV automakers. We continue to see growth potentials and opportunities in the coming years and believe now is the right time to share about our new business strategy in the journey to globalization.”

The six pillars below compose our business:

1. Whole car OTA

OTA updates serve as an efficient and seamless way for OEMs to offer vehicle software and firmware updates. OEMs can remotely deliver new functionalities, features enhancements and security patches to improve the driving experience and vehicle’s safety.

2. OTA testing service and equipment

A ready-to-market solution designed to reduce the number of software defect issues and vehicle recalls, and to ensure the OEM’s compliance with OTA regulations of different regions and countries .

3. Remote diagnostic and event recording

Preserves the vehicle’s health and provides insightful data for the vehicle’s troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair. The event recording helps improve the driver’s safety and future design of the vehicles.

4. Cybersecurity

Carota teams up with global leading Cybersecurity providers to keep vehicles protected from harmful attacks, unauthorized access, damage, and anything else that may interfere with safety functions.

5. Licensing and subscription services

A platform for OEMs to manage digital assets, customize user experiences, and generate new revenue streams via unique integration of real-time orchestration of applications.

6. Fleet, transportation, driver one-stop management system service

With the addition of EGK, Carota provides SAAS, PAAS, IAAS system services in the fields of people, goods, and vehicle management, data analysis and supply chain, to synergize OTA, Fleet Management Services, Driver Management Services, Video Management Services, and Transportation Management Services.


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