CloudByers Scientific Announces Strategic Partnership With Dutch Innovative Technology Venture, VFA Solutions

Byers Scientific, a globally recognized leader in odor mitigation systems, recently announced their strategic partnership with Dutch innovative technology leaders, VFA Solutions. With the integration of VFA Solutions’ patented ASPRA technology, the Byer’s Scientific MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System stands to set new industry standards for efficacy and efficiency.

When it comes to industry-leading odor control solutions, Byers Scientific is no stranger to innovation. The MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System already delivers best available control technology (BACT) with unprecedented energy efficiency, providing 6,000 CFM at just 2.8 amps/480v. When paired with Byers Scientific’s patented waterless vapor-phase systems, the system has been lauded as the “gold standard for odor control.”

Byers Scientific’s newest innovation partner is Dutch technology venture, VFA Solutions. They specialize in developing clean, healthy, and green technologies in the field of indoor air quality (IAQ) and filtration.

VFA Solutions’ patented ASPRA® air purification technology is a revolutionary application. The highly efficient system achieves up to E12-H13/HEPA classification (according to NEN-EN 1822 and DIN EN ISO 29463-5:2019 standards) without using a HEPA filter. As a result, the ASPRA is more cost-effective, creates less waste, and delivers substantial energy savings compared to conventional filters.

“Since launching the MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System, we’ve had three thoughts top of mind: how do we make it more efficient, more effective, and more sustainable?” says Byers Scientific’s founder and President, Marc Byers. “We found an answer in this partnership, and we couldn’t be more excited to keep pushing the industry forward.”

The applications for the improved MT-6™ are innumerable. As a custom equipment manufacturer, Byers Scientific can engineer systems for greenhouses, indoor, warehouse, manufacturing, processing and trimming facilities, and more. With scalability from 2,000 to 6,000 CFM, the MT-6™ with ASPRA technology purifies the air, improving indoor air quality (IAQ) and supporting workplace safety compliance while proactively controlling odors before they become a nuisance.


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