CloudAutify Will Provide Exclusive Offers as AWS Activate Partner

Autify, Inc. (CEO: Ryo Chikazawa), which provides Autify, an AI-based software test automation platform, has been chosen as AWS Activate Partner to give exclusive offers to startups.

For more information on our AWS Activate exclusive offers, please search for exclusive offers in the AWS Activate Console and visit Autify’s page.

As an AWS Activate Partner, Autify will offer the following products and features at 60% off the regular price to startups worldwide.

Startups can accelerate development by utilizing Autify from the early phases of development.

Run cross-browser tests in a variety of environments, including Chrome, Edge, and mobile emulators

Whether you are testing on Chrome and Edge, which are essential for B2B businesses, or mobile browser environments, essential for B2C businesses, Autify can handle it all.

Visual regression testing

During the early development stages, the appearance of your web app tends to change frequently. Visual regression testing detects design changes by using Autify’s proprietary Machine Learning model. It allows you to see differences in appearance and increase test coverage without maintenance, even in rapid development cycles.

Online chat support

Startups can take advantage of our online chat support. Autify’s Customer Success Engineers will help startups implement and run automated tests.

Why Autify is participating in the AWS Activate Program as a partner

Many startups run their business focusing on how they can continue to deliver value to their customers quickly. However, prioritizing development speed often means that quality control gets neglected.

Neglected quality control turns into technical debt in the medium to long term, with interest increasing day by day. Once startups reach a certain phase, they end up having to pay a significant cost to pay back the technical debt, causing the development speed to temporarily slow down and may require more human resources than expected. We decided to participate in AWS Activate as a partner because in the hopes that startups will use Autify to keep their technical debt low and create a system that doesn’t slow down development speed as the product and business matures.

While an increasing number of companies in the US, Japan, and Singapore are implementing Autify, we hope to take the lead in helping startups around the world so that they can develop and expand their products successfully.

Eligible startups

Startups on a Seed Round working towards Product Market Fit (PMF), and Series A startups are eligible.

What is AWS Activate?

AWS Activate is a program that gives startups access to the resources they need to get started with AWS for free. Startups receive AWS credits, technical support, and more.

About Autify, the software test automation platform

Autify has saved 250,000 hours (28.5 years) worth of manual testing

Since launching in October 2019, many development teams have used Autify to automate web service and application testing. In less than two years, Autify has run over a million automated tests. Assuming that one person spends 15 minutes running one test, we estimate that Autify has saved over 10,000 days in total. That is the amount of time that has been freed up for other activities.

This track record proves Autify can achieve its vision of freeing up time and “empower the creativity of people around the world with the power of technology,” as well as the reliability of the platform itself.

(Read case studies here:

The key to business growth in rapidly changing market environments is to accelerate the software release cycle without compromising quality. However, teams cannot release their web apps quickly without test automation. App release cycles have a direct impact on the business’ strength. Autify allows businesses to release faster while ensuring quality.

Profile: Ryo Chikazawa, CEO

Ryo has over ten years of experience in software development, having worked as a software engineer in JapanSingapore, and San Francisco. After developing a social game that ranked #1 in the US at DeNA, he led product development as a product engineer at Viki in Singapore. He then moved to San Francisco and participated in a local startup as a founding member.  In 2016, he founded Autify, Inc. You can find the latest information on his blog and podcast.

Autify CEO’s blog:

Burning cast (Podcast):

Company information

Company name: Autify Inc. (Japan branch)

Address: 7th floor, Wakasue Building, 3-3-6 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023

CEO: Ryo Chikazawa

Established: February 3rd, 2017

Business description: Development and sales of software test automation platform Autify


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