CloudAsysco: the short-term benefits of traditional re-hosting can be offset by the costs of future development

Asysco, a leading service provider with over 40 years of experience in legacy mainframe modernization, has recently moved to offer an alternative to traditional re-hosting solutions. Its proposition is built around a unique methodology that allows organizations to re-host and re-factor at the same time.

Traditional mainframe re-hosting is a popular option for businesses who want to right-size their mainframe environment and get rid of the high cost of mainframe maintenance. Many business leaders believe that this approach will quickly, and in a low-risk way, help save money and is the first logical step on their journey to Cloud. However, enterprises who seek flexibility and control over the transformation process often find themselves trapped in a long, pricey process that doesn’t allow them to move at the pace they need.

‘Working with a number of enterprises, what we’re noticing is that a typical re-hosting project can quickly turn out to be a significant investment. The legacy environment must be emulated, which means additional software is used – one that locks businesses in. You’ve freed yourself up from mainframe, only to lock yourself in again’ explains Herman Eggink, Chief Commercial Officer at Asysco.

After a traditional re-host, organizations looking to move forward in their transformation and use Cloud as their hub for innovation, find that they need to start an additional re-factoring project to transform the legacy code. This further ramps up the costs. Beyond the economics, separate re-hosting and re-factoring projects result in more risks and more testing, often having a substantial impact on business performance.

Asysco offers its customers and partners an alternative to traditional re-hosting: the next generation re-hosting. This next generation rehost allows continued development of the original source code and also tackles code transformation right from the outset using a unique conversion engine that transforms code at speed and minimizes mistakes. Using a unique landing platform, enterprises can be quickly up and running in their new environment, with code ready from day one. Without the need for any emulation that locks enterprises into vendor specific technologies.

Our process gives you total flexibility over your roadmap: mix and match re-host and refactoring in one approach without the lock-ins. We do not force anyone to choose one specific approach like traditional re-hosting solutions. This allows you to modernise at your pace in the way that suits your organisation’s needs in just one project’ adds Eggink.

Based on the technology Asysco offers around the IBM mainframe, the ability to migrate to a truly .NET based system while continue to program in COBOL made us decide to go with Asysco. This way our COBOL programmers would still be able to support the system our customers rely upon.’

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More information on why traditional rehosting creates more problems than it solves can be found in the recent Asysco opinion piece ‘Why rehosting might not be the fix it seems‘, available here.


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