CloudApproyo, Inc. Migrates CC Polymers’ SAP Environment to Microsoft AZURE Cloud

Approyo, Inc., a leader in global SAP & IT Managed Services and Solutions; today announced that Corpus Christi Polymers (CC Polymers) had selected Approyo as its SAP managed solutions and security provider. The engagement includes migrating their enterprise SAP landscape to Microsoft Azure Cloud, upgrading their SAP environment, and providing user and SAP data security. In addition to the Azure Cloud migration, CC Polymers has entrusted Approyo with full functional management and Steady-State™ support of their SAP environment in a multi-year agreement.

Based in Corpus Christi, Texas, currently under construction, CC Polymers will become the largest PET/PTA plant in the world, specializing in the production of polymer resins used to manufacture packaging applications of widely distributed products used in the food, beverage, and personal care industries. The company is also backed by three of the world’s leading PET and PTA companies.

“We could not be more pleased with the relationship we have formed with Approyo and the work they have provided. Their team is second to none, with true planning and execution that has left us wishing we would have found them years ago,” stated Parrish Jones, IT Director for CC Polymers. “Approyo’s management of our Azure Cloud migration and the advanced security and IT services they provide on an ongoing basis will allow CC Polymers to focus on our business and not the day-to-day  nuances of our IT environment.”

“SAP opportunities are continuing to grow globally, especially in non-traditional markets,” said Christopher Carter, Chairman & CEO of Approyo. “Approyo is excited to add CC Polymers to the Approyo family. They are an incredible organization who have been outstanding to work with and to support.”

CC Polymers’ SAP environment is complex and requires daily management for regulatory compliance, functional development, data security, and user support in a highly scrutinized environmental industry. Migration to Approyo’s managed Azure Cloud and ongoing Steady-State™ application managed services ensures CC Polymers consistent administration of all aspects of their SAP landscape.

In addition to the Azure Cloud migration and ongoing managed services, Approyo provides
CC Polymers with SAP BASIS support, SAP functional development, security, predictive analytics, and user management, allowing CC Polymers to focus on manufacturing initiatives rather than complex IT problems.


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