Business BroadcastAI Agents Global Challenge launches $1,000,000 Prize

AI Agents Global Challenge (“AAGC”), a pioneering challenge in the realm of artificial intelligence, today launches one of the largest monetary prizes in AI challenges. It invites AI enthusiasts, innovators, students, and professionals worldwide to partake in a groundbreaking challenge to develop solutions that harness the power of AI in creating AI agents with practical, real-world applications.

With a total prize pool of $1 million, the challenge aims to attract the brightest minds to develop, compete, and showcase their talents. The challenge is open to individuals or teams, including developers, students, researchers, corporations, startups, and AI labs, regardless of their geographical location.

A distinguished Judging Panel of industry leaders and experts will evaluate the submissions. The challenge timeline allows participants ample time for review and refinement of their submissions, culminating in the announcement of the top 20 winners in December 2024.

The AI Agents Global Challenge is sponsored by MM01 AI, a London-based AI platform, committed to accelerating advancements in this field, fostering global collaboration, and solving real-world problems. For further information, visit


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