Blockchain TechnologyOKX Ventures Teams Up with ReFiDAO and Arkreen as GreenBTC.Club Launch Partners, Promoting Sustainability in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

OKX Ventures, the investment arm of leading crypto exchange and Web3 technology company OKX, today announced a collaboration with ReFiDAO and Arkreen to become Launch Partners for GreenBTC.Club. GreenBTC.Club is an innovative platform dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint associated with Bitcoin mining through the collective efforts of the global Web3 community.

This partnership with ReFiDAO, a network society on a mission to regenerate the earth, and Arkreen, a Web3-enabled data network for distributed renewable energy resources connection and monetization towards a carbon-neutral Earth, reflects OKX Ventures’ active commitment to blockchain sustainability, aligning with its core values of innovation and responsibility. The partnership also represents OKX Ventures’ dedication to environmentally friendly practices and de-carbonization, leveraging the power of public goods to promote a green Bitcoin ecosystem.

Utilizing a blend of Web3, Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) and regenerative finance (ReFi) technologies, GreenBTC.Club strives for carbon neutrality in Bitcoin’s historical energy consumption. The platform aims to encourage widespread adoption of eco-friendly Bitcoin assets among institutions and individuals with ESG goals, thus enhancing Bitcoin’s societal value.

OKX Ventures Partner Jeff Ren said: “As a leader in the Bitcoin ecosystem, OKX Ventures remains committed to promoting sustainable development within the sector. Today, I am very pleased to announce our partnership with ReFiDAO and Arkreen in joining GreenBTC.Club. Our goal is not only to eliminate the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining, but also to take an important step towards a sustainable future for our digital economy. We will continue to play a leading role, working tirelessly to guide the sector towards a cleaner and greener future.”

The concept for GreenBTC.Club originated at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival in April 2023, of which OKX was a sponsor. During the event, Arkreen and Hashkey interacted with ReFi communities and successfully “greened” a Bitcoin block of height 779089 using tokenized renewable energy certificates. This year, GreenBTC.Club has broadened its platform by introducing a large-scale voluntary climate action initiative, garnering widespread community support to green all Bitcoin blocks.

OKX Ventures is partnering with GreenBTC.Club to set an industry standard for Web3 carbon neutrality and to enhance sustainability within the Bitcoin ecosystem. In the coming weeks and months, OKX Ventures plans to establish dedicated zones on the GreenBTC.Club map and invite the global OKX Community to participate in pioneering ESG practices.


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