Artificial Intelligence3D visualisation software set to transform the automation sector as AUCTA signs deal with industry leader ALPHR Technology

AUCTA, the German technology company behind the leading interactive 3D visualisation platform, has today announced ALPHR Technology, a recognised leader in innovative automation solutions, as their latest customer.

ALPHR intends to use AUCTA’s 3D visualisation platform to radically change the way they communicate both internally and externally. The platform gives ALPHR full autonomy in creating 3D visualisations, which will be used both directly and remotely to support their clients. AUCTA visualisations will be used to strengthen ALPHR’s offerings across design, manufacture and support of complex automation for the manufacturing sector, enabling them to showcase functionalities and processes in an intuitive and easy to access way.

This ability to share knowledge and skills effectively at scale across an entire organisation is proving to be a major challenge for companies. The limitations of sharing knowledge and skills by traditional methods such as PDF documents or videos has been brought into sharp focus over the past 18 months, with companies having to rely on more and more remote solutions.

“Industrial companies need to be able to engage with potential clients and partners in a digital, remote and efficient way that they quickly understand. It is one of the key drivers of successful industrial growth in the 21st Century,” says Henri Huselstein, CEO at AUCTA. “Our platform helps clients like ALPHR to stay competitive and to strengthen their position as market leaders for decades to come!”

Tom Ross, Head of Sales at ALPHR says, “Our experience over the past 18 months of COVID and the restrictions it has caused, has shown that we need to adapt how we deliver for our clients by using new and innovative methods.  When AUCTA approached me I very quickly saw the value of their platform and how it offers ALPHR the opportunity to be transformative in our proposal, delivery and support globally.”

“Working with ALPHR is an important step for AUCTA to start our expansion into the collaborative robotics market,” says Huselstein. “Their innovative approach to growth and expansion makes ALPHR an excellent fit as a partner and customer. This is one of the most disruptive and fastest-growing sectors of European manufacturing and we could not be more excited to deploy our platform with more and more clients in the space.”


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