Insights3 levels of Customer Research- A route to reach ideal customers

B2B Market Research Tools- tools that enlighten your research way


Getting feedback is the most important to measure the effectiveness of your products and services. But getting the good one is kind of tricky and for that these tools would help you with improving your offering. This would help the marketers to ask tactful and remind customers for feedback, guide them through the process, and a chance to reach dissatisfied customers before their any negative reviews on your page.

  • Search marketing research tool

Knowing about the focus keywords and phrases that are driving traffic on your site and your competitor is crucial for gaining a search presence. These tools like SpyFu, google keyword planner and search console do that.

Some tools work on building your reputation in the market  identifying the key influencers in your market to connect and engage you with them.

To know what type of content is being spread in your community that is getting consumed, shared and linked, and loved by your audience. BuzzSumo, Ahrefs, and Bombora are some effective content marketing research tools.


B2B Customer Research

There are two types of customer research approaches

  • Pinata Approach

The base of this approach is that the non-realistic opinions and solutions and not the insights from customer research guided it.

  • Sherlock Holmes Approach

Reaching your market, customers, and competitors by this approach can assist you with better opportunities for product-market fit.


3 levels of Customer Research- A route to reach ideal customers
  • Macro-level

At this level, the marketers focus on the market size, market segmentation, and industry trends. The marketers seek google’s help to make a market report to determine the market size.

After this, they perform a bottom-up market size estimation to figure out their most realistic market size. Then they look at whether the competitor has disclosed their pricing on the website openly or not and at last, the marketers opt for the membership of the blogs and newsletters that are leading in the industry to get what are the trends are moving in the market.

  • Meso Level

This level of research includes the acknowledgment of detailed user personas. Go through the social profiles of the users’ communities on LinkedIn, Slack, and Reddit to know about their pain points, needs, and terminology. Read blog posts written by target users. Conduct user research from your laptop about your competitors and segment them. Use competitor’s product details, demo videos, and press releases to get in detailed product insights.  and how to use competitors’ research in your work. Compare your value proposition with the competitors.

  • Micro Level

The level comprises knowledge grabbed from the interviews and surveys, and conferences to get extinct insights to validate your product idea. The customers about your product can only give a true review of any other resources. Politely interact with your customers and make them feel that you genuinely care about their feedback. Listens to the customer’s requirements uses surveys if possible and attends the industry conferences to meet with customers.

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