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What is B2B Customer Engagement?


The term is looked at as a marketing approach emphasizing generating engaging consumer correlation and ensuring their retention. Offering value to the customer instead of simple advertising is the primary B2B customer engagement strategy principle.

Astonishing customers with a better and new approach is the need of the situation making them aware of every niche in the B2B. The core value of B2B customer engagement is to develop healthy relations with the consumers by catering to their needs. Other than this, it focuses on the involvement of the buyers in brand evolution and has shifted from acquisition to engagement.


Importance of B2B Customer Engagement


The current situation of B2B services requires good customer engagement that influences companies’ customer base and sales. The surety of loyalty and further influence on the brand marketing network can be done when a company focuses on customer engagement.

  • Consumer Necessity

In 2021, the sales in the US accounted for 13.1% of the B2B eCommerce which is expected to grow 17% by 2023 as a result of brand differentiators that is customer experience, and engagement overtaking costs and products. Around 65-90% of buying information has clear ideas of needs even before reaching out to the marketers.

  • Long-Term Success

Customer usually approaches the brands that approach with the feedback from the users instead of inclusive advertising strategies that determines the long-term success of the brand and B2B Customer engagement works on it. Customer engagement assures the brand’s reliability and credibility among customers putting the business at a higher value in the market.

  • Competition Increment

With the increased competition in the B2B industry, maintaining good customer engagement becomes more necessary as buyers have numerous alternative brands that can serve their needs and focus on their pain points eventually makes it important to cater and communicate to customers and their needs ensuring their retention.

  • Credibility Building

The B2B customer engagement increases the brand credibility as only customer retention cannot holds up the competition as the rival brands can offer extensive features and easier interaction luring buyers in switching brands or companies.  The ongoing trend of content marketing has increased buyers’ expectation of knowing about the brands and its product or services before making purchasing decisions making it more important to develop customers’ trust in the brand to look at it as the only solution for their needs and services.

  • Personalized Experioence

The other trend in the market is offering services with personalization making it more touched and valuable feeling to the customers creating more engagement with the brand. Brands that offer a personalized experience on different platforms and channels account for a deciding factor for varied customer and sales requirements.


B2B Customer Engagement Challenges


  • The exceeded no. of brands availing the same service in the market that makes it more challenging for the B2B brands to attract customers to increase their customer base.
  • The demand of the customers to communicate with the business has become the major challenge for B2B customer engagement enhancement.
  • In the B2B sector, effective interaction on a personal level is preferred more by the customer with companies and not just generic advertising strategies.
  • Missing out in deriving entire customer insights from numerous departments affects the quality of business conversation helping out in analyzing each customer requirement.
  • No control or execution of giving customer experience appropriately affects customer engagement as only 21% of B2B enterprises have control over their sales partners influencing customer experience revealed in Accenture’s research.
  • Lack of Back-end integration poses a great challenge in gaining customer data accurately.
  • Offering customer satisfaction by developing brand credibility and trust to improve B2B customer engagement is also a big challenge.
  • Bringing Data centricity into marketing options is important for businesses as customers have started to prefer solutions based on their previous interactions and choices.


Tips for B2B Customer Engagement


  • Hyper-personalized communication

The Salesforce survey says that 66% of customers expect enterprises to understand customers’ unique needs and expectations still only 34% of companies treat customers as unique individuals. The hyper-personalization via artificial intelligence can automate customer real-time data giving shareable, high contextual content to the customers at the right time.

  • Channel-specific content

Specific content like videos or podcasts is popular in the B2B industry that can bring more engagement than any other medium if relevant and popular content will be shared. The study says that video marketing influences purchase by 84%. The embedded end of the video could be done into sales outreach by creating landing pages, websites, social media, emails, and customer onboarding.

  • Branded online customer community

It has been seen that the companies that are customer-centric with B2B branded online communities gain 60% more profit and 66% of these communities claim that it has a significant impact on their retaining customer ability. This is because these communities make it more feasible for the customers who have the same interests in a shared space where they can discuss helping companies to work on the discussion they are having and strategizes their marketing activities accordingly.

  • Using AI for conversation selling

The development of AI in business strategies has made it more interesting to give B2B digital customer experience through the tools such as chatbots, WhatsApp, and social media where customers can interact at their convenience giving instant answers to their questions and are being more appreciated by the customers.  AI-generated conversation technology has been claimed as a valuable asset by the company 82%.


Final Thoughts


It is said that customer is god and engaging with them with the best must be the core concept of any business. Developing a business with the best channels and strategies also comprises a B2B customer engagement strategy that is customized offerings, instant interactions, and so on.

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