NetworkingXmind Gets Ahead to Launch Mind Mapping App on Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro, launched last year and available beginning Friday, February 2, is Apple’s first Mixed Reality Headset, blending the real and digital worlds. Equipped with ultra-high-resolution displays, an advanced new chip, and state-of-the-art 3D capture technology, it builds deeply immersive experiences. Apart from the innovative AR apps and immersive games it provides, Apple Vision Pro also distinguishes itself with its potent productivity tools, redesigned to enhance efficiency and creativity in your spatial workspace.

As a popular mind-mapping and brainstorming application, Xmind has launched a native mind-mapping app for Apple Vision Pro, meticulously redesigned for optimal compatibility with the Apple visionOS, enabling users to create mind maps within a three-dimensional virtual space.

Xmind: A Second-to-None Mind Mapping Tool

Xmind, the full-featured mind mapping and brainstorming tool, fosters creativity, captures inspiration, and enhances productivity.  Xmind for VisionOS with its sleek design and practical features, offers an enriched and seamless mind mapping and brainstorming experience on Apple Vision Pro, setting a new standard for intuitive planning and idea generation.

  • Professionally-designed Structures: It offers more than traditional radial mind map structures for particular subjects. Empower your thoughts by using the right structure like Mind Map, Logic Chart, Fishbone Chart, Timeline Chart, Tree Table and more.
  • Essential Mind Toolbox: Intuitive tools, made for organizing thoughts and adding further information to your mind map, including Relationship, Summary, Boundary, Notes, Markers and more.
  • Exquisite Themes and Style: Diverse and customized colors and styles allow you to create mind maps that are uniquely your own and stand out with visually engaging mind maps in a breeze.
  • Outliner: Switch your mind map into an outline with one click to get a more organized view. It is ideal for managing lists, organizing facts and ideas, and task management. Freely switch between outliner and mind map view with one click.

Xmind can be installed on Apple Vision Pro now!

Astonishing: Incredibly 200-inch Giant Mind Map

With Xmind on Apple Vision Pro, your mind map can be as large as a real-life 200-inch giant screen. This super-sized mind map surrounds you, making it easy to grab your ideas and freely spark creative thoughts whenever you need them.

Immersive: Spatial Mind Mapping and Creating

Xmind, leveraging Vision Pro’s spatial system, offers a wide creative space. You can switch from the standard Room to inspiring natural settings like starry skies or peaceful landscapes instantly, creating a more inspiring atmosphere for your work.

Precise: Tailored Layout for Eye Tracking

With a keen focus on user experience, Xmind has been redesigned to fully harness the potential of visionOS. Significantly, its layout is designed to work seamlessly with Vision Pro’s Spatial Operating System. This means it provides a more intuitive page layout that’s easier to navigate with eye-tracking, making it effortless and smooth. With this design, you can easily and precisely control functions with just a glance.


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