SecurityWing Security Disrupts SaaS Security Market with Free Application Discovery

Today, Wing Security (Wing), the only holistic SaaS (software-as-a-service) security platform, announced its non-intrusive discovery engine is now completely free, without time limitations or hidden fees. While many organizations offer SaaS discovery capabilities, few provide security teams with a means to mitigate the issues they find, leaving customers just as exposed as they were before. Wing is committed to changing this – not only making discovery free but also delivering innovative and automated mitigation capabilities, proven to improve protection efforts significantly.

“Discovery without mitigation is a futile investment. As adversaries increasingly target SaaS Implementations, organizations need solutions that actually solve their challenges,” said Galit Lubetzky Sharon, CTO and Co-Founder of Wing Security. “While solutions such as cloud access security brokers (CASBs) have served an important service, today’s resource-constrained security teams seek solutions that remove the mitigation burden and offer agentless proxy-less options. For organizations looking to move beyond simple discovery and access control, this is the CASB replacement, and for others, who may simply want to audit the effectiveness and accuracy of their current investments, Wing’s new free offering provides superior visibility into SaaS security issues.”

In one simple step, organizations are seamlessly onboarded so that Wing can quickly identify their SaaS implementations. In addition, Wing Security provides companies with a detailed view of their SaaS layer, including security score, potential vulnerability insights, compliance information and detailed user data, for the first 100 SaaS applications. Paying Wing customers gain even greater detail into a wider variety of applications, automatic issue mitigation, and SaaS data security.

“Today, the average company uses 600+ SaaS apps but manages only half of them, resulting in a major blindspot that can be exploited. Gaining visibility is the first step to securing a company’s SaaS posture, which is easier said than done with such an overwhelming stack,” Oren Yunger, Partner at GGV Capital, states. “Enter Wing Security’s free discovery offering — Making SaaS apps easy to discover and secure, just as they’re easy to use.”

Since launching in March 2022, Wing has provided holistic SaaS security to its customers through full visibility, automatic detection and remediation, permission management and a dashboard of SaaS applications. Wing believes that for security to deliver real ROI, it needs to be actionable. Discovery is critical but it’s no longer enough. Security teams need solutions that both discover and solve SaaS-related risks.

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