NetworkingWebtalk Expands Professional Networking Capabilities with New Contact Management Offering

Webtalk Inc. announced today the expansion of its universal SocialCRM contact manager to include home and personal service providers.

The home and personal service provider expansion completes Webtalk’s all-in-one universal SocialCRM. The first of its kind, this CRM tool is built to manage all professional relationships outside the office. Contacts inside the contact manager are now sorted into the following categories:

  • Consumer to Consumer CRM – for managing friend, family and colleague contacts.
  • Consumer to Business CRM – for managing home and personal service provider contacts.
  • Business to Consumer CRM – managing current and prospective customer/client contacts
  • Business to Business CRM – for managing vendor, employee/contractor, investor and partner contacts.

“Through our new CRM offering, all the daily social connections we may take for granted, such as babysitters, landscapers, plumbers, etc., can be located and utilized to kick start the next professional venture,” said RJ Garbowicz, CEO and founder of Webtalk. “Our goal is to help refuel current businesses and make our members’ daily lives outside the business world more efficient and fulfilling.”

Going beyond the traditional, alphabetized phonebook, an individual’s complete network of social contacts can be divided between personal and professional, and subcategorized further. Tool features like integrated contact groups, searchable tags, time stamped notes, and complete contact information cards allow for better contact management and recall of details around past social interactions.

Finally, the relationship values tab enables control of the member’s newsfeed algorithm to prioritize whose updates are seen first, as well as the order of search results when seeking professionals recommended by the member’s network. A level of privacy and security is also granted through the platform’s connection process that defaults to only allowing data published publicly to be accessed until additional data-access permissions have been granted on an individual basis.


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