NetworkingVyOS Networks and Iquall Networks Forge Strategic Collaboration to Advance Network Solutions

VyOS Networks and Iquall Networks are excited to announce a strategic collaboration, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to advancing network solutions. This partnership combines the strengths of both organizations to foster innovation in network management and optimization, aiming to deliver unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and scalability across networking environments.

A central aspect of this partnership is the integration of Iquall Networks’ MAT Automation Framework with the VyOS Universal Router, aimed at significantly enhancing network automation capabilities. MAT, known for its ability to simplify complex network operations and improve operational efficiency, when combined with the flexibility and robustness of VyOS, promises to bring a new level of automation and ease of management to network administrators and service providers alike.

By integrating VyOS’ robust routing, VPN and firewall capabilities with Iquall Networks’ MAT, this collaboration will redefine the standards for network automation for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), enterprises and others.

Yuriy Andamasov, CEO of VyOS Networks, and Matias Lambert, CEO at Iquall Networks, have both expressed their enthusiasm for the potential of this partnership to bring about transformative changes in the network solutions landscape. They emphasize the shared vision and commitment to innovation that underpins this collaboration.

As this partnership unfolds, VyOS Networks and Iquall Networks look forward to sharing further developments and details about the new solutions and benefits it will bring to the industry. Customers and stakeholders are encouraged to stay tuned for upcoming announcements.


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