AnalyticsUS Health Reference Library + Teen Resource Center Database Bundle 2021

The “Health Reference Library + Teen Resource Center – Database Bundle” database has been added to’s offering.

Bundled access to two premiere databases covering health and the top issues facing today’s teens.

Health Reference Library

The Health Reference Library database provides comprehensive and authoritative information on health topics covering every disease, disorder, illness and wellness category. Features include a database of useful contacts where users can find additional help and support, plus a knowledge base of frequently asks questions with plain language answers and more.

Designed with the general user in mind, this user friendly portal answers the health questions of patients, families, caregivers, and the general public. Users will find it an invaluable resource as they navigate an increasingly noisy, and often unreliable, the landscape of health information.

Teen Resource Center

The Teen Resource Center was created to provide today’s information-hungry teenagers with the practical reference content they crave. Engaging, easy-to-access topics are grouped into the three broad areas of Health, Financial Literacy and Personal Growth.

In addition to authoritative coverage of the top issues facing teens today, the Teen Resource Center serves up links to support groups, hotlines and more, plus a searchable database of frequently asked questions complete with helpful, real-world answers.


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