Artificial IntelligenceUniarch Unear A30, the All-in-One Video Conference Camera is about to launch on Indiegogo

Uniarch, as the sub-brand of Uniview, the video surveillance company in Dallas, Texas is ready to release their new video conference camera Unear A30 on Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform in September.

COVID-19 has posed a negative impact on communication and interaction in companies, schools, hospitals and some other organizations. Under such circumstance, online meeting is adopted as a method to maintain organization’s connectivity. Demi Zhang, the Global Product Director of Uniarch claimed that the company carried the responsibility of keeping everyone safe while maintaining everyone’s productivity.

Online meeting thus becomes the trend, and webcams have answered the need of uprising market of online communication devices. However, most webcams in the market fail to provide a high-quality online meeting experience for users, due to their inferior functions of blurred images, buzzing noises and unstable connecting signals.

In order to solve these problems, Unear A30 perfects the sound transmission process with an advanced AI algorithm. Sounds in a 5-meter range can be thoroughly collected by a powerful 4-element omnidirectional microphones array. The embedded AI techniques then help analyze the sound, suppressing noise and canceling echoes. Uniarch is ready to release Unear A30 for users to “hear extraordinary”, which is the norm they comply with.

“We also find that ordinary webcams can no longer fulfill user’s need for getting more than 2 people involved at the single side in an online meeting. That’s why we want to release a product like Unear A30 to make it possible for 8-15 people to get captured by the conference camera,” said Zhang. Unear A30 is equipped with a 115º ultra-wide-angle camera and HD-resolution images for users who are able to be seen and get involved during the meeting. “We want Unear A30 to be more than a ‘throw-away’ product when the epidemic period ends. It should also be a productivity booster that can be placed in your workplace when people get back to the office. Online meetings ought to stay.”

Unear A30 is easy to use. With USB plug-and-play, it asks for no other configuration settings on computers. It is compatible with most mainstream online meeting platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and so forth. The support systems of Unear A30 include Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

It is the first time that Uniarch conducts a crowdfunding program. “We hope our customers can offer suggestions to Unear A30 and help us to run the campaign, also we want them to have the product at a favorable and discounted price. Having considered these conditions, we chose Indiegogo to have our product launched,” relayed Zhang. Users are supposed to get the lowest price up to 30% off by signing up now on Indiegogo:



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