Artificial IntelligenceTugboat Logic Empowers BentoBox to Improve Security for Over 12,000 Restaurant Customers

Tugboat Logic, the leading security assurance company, today announced that its customer, BentoBox, launched its first infosec program to provide security assurance to more than 12,000 restaurant locations worldwide.

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At a time when restaurants had to close their dining rooms due to the pandemic’s lockdowns, a stronger online presence became more important than ever. Restaurants needed an easier, faster way to set up online ordering, integrate reservations, offer gift card purchases and more – and do it in a way that would work for the long haul. BentoBox enables restaurants with online tools that drive direct, high-margin revenue through their websites, bypassing third-party services.

The company wanted to provide customers with a level of cybersecurity that was just as sophisticated as their industry-leading products, but as a startup, they lacked the resources to bring on a chief security officer or vice president of security. This is a common challenge for startups that recognize the importance of infosecurity but lack the staffing and resources to set up their own infosec program from scratch.

With Tugboat Logic’s Security Assurance Platform, BentoBox gained:

  • A cost-effective security program: With Tugboat Logic, BentoBox scoped out a security program designed to fit their immediate needs without breaking the bank – including automated cybersecurity training for their team of 100+ employees.
  • Easy status tracking: Tugboat Logic makes it easy to track the status of the company’s infosec program in one place and modify it as security requirements change.
  • Focus on business growth: Time saved on security and due diligence means more time to focus on other needs of the rapidly growing customer acquisitions and retention. In 2020, BentoBox was selected as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies.

Pierre Drescher, CTO and co-founder, BentoBox, said: “We support an industry that’s adopting technology at an unprecedented rate, and they depend on us to be security experts. But launching an InfoSec program without a security team can be a challenge. Having a best-in-class solution like Tugboat Logic on our side enables us to be a stronger partner to the restaurant industry.”

Ray Kruck, CEO and co-founder, Tugboat Logic, said: “Strong security has proved critical to success over the past year as many sectors switched to primarily online operations. BentoBox’s customers need them to be experts at security, and that’s where Tugboat Logic comes in. We fill in the gaps for smaller organizations so they can come through for their customers with a robust InfoSec program. We’re thrilled with what BentoBox has achieved and look forward to their ongoing success.”


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