NetworkingTruth Runner: Another Top Ranked Mobile Game of CooTek

As a dark horse in the list of US IOS games — a week into its launch, Truth Runner has already risen to the top and is still charging ahead. This hyper-casual parkour game developed by Taptek, a game studio invested by CooTek (Cayman) Inc. (NYSE: CTK) (“CooTek” or the “Company”), has laid an excellent foundation for the Company’s upcoming game releases in the second half of the year.

Truth Runner is a creative parkour game targeting female users. Besides the parkour and dress-up elements inherited from CooTek’s previous hit, Catwalk Beauty, Truth Runner also allows players to choose their own parkour outfit based on the result of a personality test. A personality report is generated at the end of the game, which proves to be an appealing feature to numerous light game lovers of Generation Z.

In order to attract potential players, the game offers bright visual effects and personality/fortune tags in the personality test, which are designed to use memes in the popular culture. In the fortune-telling part, the creative team at Taptek has included many trending elements that are of interests to the Gen Z players, e.g., romantic relationship, weight, money, etc., making the game a trending topic on social networks. On YouTube, a large number of users have shared the screen recordings of their test results, which have also brought more traffic to the game.

For CooTek, mobile gaming is a crucial part of its recreational content roadmap. The Company’s experience and growth potential have enabled constant product incubations and iterations. The light, fast and mini-sized games developed by Cootek are widely popular among people with modern and fast-paced lifestyle. The in-depth and comprehensive strategy adopted by CooTek’s game business has also encouraged its invested games studios to create numerous hit games. As to the team behind Truth Runner, Taptek, its capabilities and resources in game design, localization, optimization and ROI have helped it accumulate creative ideas and explore the games best catered to the local users.

It has been the key objective of CooTek to create high-quality games with max user value. Taptek is still working on the game’s optimization and localization to launch in other overseas markets. It is believed that Truth Runner will keep its lead in the mobile gaming race.


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