Artificial IntelligenceTime and Cost Inefficiencies of Content Creation Solved by PromoMii with New Product Features to Their Nova A.I. Platform

PromoMii, a media technology start-up that is disrupting the content creation industry with their A.I. platform Nova has released product features that make it possible for users to automatically create exportable clips from original content by searching for key words, phrases, emotions, or content attributes. The industry standard for searching and indexing content to find the right moments to create new clips with, is 2 hours spent indexing per 1 hour of footage. When done manually, 70% of editing time is spent locating scenes. Nova can process 2 hours of footage in 20 minutes, saving money but also the creative process as a result.

The newest software update allows users to feed video directly into Nova A.I., which analyses the content and makes it 100% searchable, select scenes based on searchable criteria, and export any scenes as a new combined clip. Removing and streamlining multiple steps in the video editing process.  The final result is a usable MP4. This innovation upends the traditional method of video editing whereby editors would manually scan content, copy or download wider areas of that content into an editing software, stitch together the content, and then export as a clip. This new feature saves users critical time as they no longer have to manually find and “stitch” scenes together. Nova does it for them.

Leading Software Developer, Tigran Mnatsakanyan:
“Developing Nova A.I. and to see how far the software has come in a short amount of time is really thrilling. We are lucky to have some very talented developers on board! In addition to this new feature saving users enormous amounts of time, it completely transforms how people work with video and can potentially help democratise video editing as it simplifies the video clip-making process.”

PromoMii is transforming the content creation industry with their A.I. platform Nova, used by national public broadcasters in The Netherlands (NPO and DPG), and Russia (TNT) among others, and some of the largest mass media and entertainment conglomerates in the world, including Disney. Nova enables users to instantly deep search their video, image, audio, and archival libraries for specific moments, offering the unique ability to look through hours’ worth of content in seconds to find specific moments.

The platform launched as SaaS in April 2021, and in the 5 months since launching, Nova has surpassed one million hits a month with a user base that is growing 60% week on week. Nova currently has over 1000 users.


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