AnalyticsSwiss-Based 1275 Offers Fully Traceable Fine Wine Collections

1275 Collections, the technology-driven fine wine business, today announced the launch of a ground-breaking new service, offering fully-traceable fine wine collections for discerning enthusiasts.

1275’s end-to-end solution involves designing personalised fine wine collections, backed by unrivalled data and documentation on each bottle’s history and the conditions it was exposed to from day one.

The 1275 process begins by exclusively sourcing wines directly from the world’s most coveted estates. Its “Internet of Bottles” ™ process then protects the wines and documents their journey to 1275’s state-of-the-art wine vault in Switzerland, and throughout their time in storage.

In an industry first, 1275’s new mobile app enables its collectors to scan a chip on their bottles to view their entire history, including temperature charts, since the day they left the vineyard.

The 1275 mobile app’s thoughtfully designed interface also enables users to:

  • View their collection by vintage, region and type
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest critic ratings, tasting notes, and drinking windows
  • Monitor how their collection’s value is growing – through a direct feed from Liv-ex, the fine wine marketplace.

With its sharp focus on the needs of collectors, 1275 has designed a comprehensive solution that marks the beginning of a new era of transparency and accountability for the fine wine industry.

Denis Houles, CEO of 1275 said: “We believe that great wines deserve respect, and that collectors deserve transparency on what they are buying. Our traceable, end-to-end solution eliminates the risk of fakes and wines damaged by improper transport and storage conditions. It means our collectors’ bottles should command a growing premium over time vs the same wines in the secondary market.”



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