AnalyticsStrategy Analytics: Solutions Like Cybellum Help Meet the Cyber Security Challenges Facing the Complex Automotive Supply Chain

Executives at car companies and their suppliers say they face a supply chain cybersecurity challenge unmatched by any other industry. A survey of these executives conducted by Strategy Analytics on behalf of Cybellum revealed the still evolving effort to meet the challenge. Cybellum’s Cyber Digital Twin Platform is positioned to act as a force multiplier to mitigate the supply chain threat, says Strategy Analytics.

“Car makers are facing a unique cybersecurity challenge – They are accountable for the vehicle’s cybersecurity as well as for the cybersecurity stance of a complex supply chain. But unlike other domains such as functional safety, where the entire supply chain is aligned on the end goal and the ROI is very clear – that is not (yet) the case for cybersecurity,” says Roger Lanctot, leading connected car analyst at Strategy Analytics and main report author. Strategy Analytics reached out to top executives in the automotive industry to get their assessment of industry progress toward defining and adopting effective cybersecurity systems and found much of the industry ill prepared for the still evolving threat environment.

From these interviews and recent regulatory moves, an automated solution, such as Cybellum’s Cyber Digital Twin Platform, is necessary as a force multiplier to help OEMs and their value-chain suppliers cope with exponentially increasing complexity. A survey of automakers conducted by Strategy Analytics revealed fresh insights on the challenges and helped outline key elements of a solution – such as Cybellum’s Cyber Digital Twin Platform – to successfully mitigate the cyber security challenge with automated processes.

Source: Strategy Analytics, Inc.

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