Artificial IntelligenceSenseTime Co-hosts the 3rd International Artificial Intelligence Fair to Nurture AI Talent and Promote a Collaborative Education Ecosystem

On October 16, 2021, SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) software company, co-hosted the 3rd International Artificial Intelligence Fair (IAIF), an annual global AI competition with the Shanghai Xuhui Education Bureau and the Global AI Academic Alliance. Targeting AI enthusiasts from primary and secondary schools around the world, the IAIF aims to cultivate the next generation of AI talent and promote primary AI education globally through tight collaboration between academics and the industry.

Since launching in July this year, the highly anticipated IAIF has attracted 665 project submissions from over 300 schools in 8 countries and regions, with 121 projects from 98 schools selected for the final online presentation and verbal Q&A. During the final competition presentations, the project submissions were reviewed meticulously by 45 professional judges from top-tier universities, enterprises and research institutions, including University of Science and Technology of China, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nanyang Technological University, Peking University, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Shanghai Technology Art Center. The teaching and evaluation system of martial arts based on body posture recognition and machine learning by Li Lufei from Shanghai Nanyang Model High School and Wu Keyu from the High School Affiliated to Fudan University as well as the drone powered by OpenCV for flood fight and rescue by Huang Pucheng, Wang Bingyang and Lin Yinhang from Zhejiang Wenling High School became the winners of the grand prize.

Besides, the research of rehabilitation assessment and training system powered by 3D hand posture verification by Zhang Yihong from Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy stood out from many excellent projects and won the first prize. Leveraging the 3D hand posture verification, this project aims to design a low-cost and easy-to-operate product for the patient with hand movement disorders, realizing 89.9% accurate in assessment of hand rehabilitation and training.

Lin Junqiu, Deputy Director of Science and Education Department from Shanghai Science, Art and Education Center, said, “Artificial intelligence is critical to our future. As we continue to advance technology development, we must cultivate a larger pool of AI talent with even higher levels of expertise and innovation capability. The huge opportunities brought by the AI era will facilitate transformative applications across industry verticals and scenarios but also formulate optimal collaboration between human being and artificial intelligence.”

Lynn Dai, General Manager of SenseTime’s Education Product, said at the final competition, “AI has become an important driving force for technological innovation, we believe the IAIF can provide an innovative platform for young people to develop their interest in AI. Meanwhile, SenseTime Education is dedicated to nurturing young talent and broadening their horizons with advanced insights from an industry perspective, as well as preparing them for the AI-empowered future.”

IAIF is also providing comprehensive services for participants, from scientific innovation training to project incubation, helping them solve practical industrial problems. The IAIF organizing committee hosted a four-week AI training course for students before the final competition. The students from the most outstanding project teams will have the chance to participate in other national or international competitions. In addition, the students from the most outstanding IAIF projects will participate in a roadshow training workshop for startups as part of incubator programmes organized by SenseTime; the company will provide technology for high-potential projects.

“IAIF provided me with a unique opportunity to exchange ideas on this exciting AI topic with participants from different schools around the world,” said Wu Keyu, the winner of the grand prize. “Through this competition, I have gained a better understanding of the powerful impact from AI and humans working together to build novel solutions that will create a better tomorrow for human society.”

The success of the 3rd International Artificial Intelligence Fair not only marks the formation of the foundations for the AI education ecosystem developed by the Shanghai Xuhui Education Bureau and SenseTime, but also boosts the collaboration among governments, academia, enterprises and industries in AI technology innovation. In the future, SenseTime Education will continue to act as a focal point and a platform for cultivating future AI talents.



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