NetworkingQrios Inc. Unveils Revolutionary cPaaS and Digital Payments Portal:

Qrios Inc., headquartered in Plano, Texas, and a leading multinational provider of cloud communication platform as a service (cPaaS) and digital payments solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative portal, This state-of-the-art platform is specifically designed to empower developers with advanced communication and digital payment APIs, enabling them to create seamless, engaging experiences for users worldwide.

As a company known for its technological innovation, Qrios Inc. processes hundreds of billions of messages and billions of digital payments annually. The introduction of represents a significant leap forward in the company’s commitment to enhancing digital communication and transactions on a global scale.

  • Access Services: Developers can utilize comprehensive communication tools such as SMS, USSD, Chat, and Voice services, crafted to ensure optimal engagement and connectivity across various channels.
  • Value Offerings: The portal introduces forward-thinking digital payment solutions, including global Prepaid Airtime, prepaid data, and real-time digital merchant payments, designed to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving global marketplace.

A Developer-Centric Platform: has been developed with the needs of the developer community at its core, offering an intuitive interface and detailed documentation. This ensures developers can easily access and implement Qrios’s robust APIs, allowing them to focus on creating innovative and impactful user experiences.

The launch of underlines Qrios Inc.’s dedication to advancing digital communication and payment technologies. By providing a platform that combines ease of use with powerful functionality, Qrios is setting a new standard for what developers can achieve in creating more connected, efficient, and innovative digital services.

“We are proud to launch, a direct reflection of our mission to innovate and improve the digital landscape from our home base in Plano, Texas,” said Mosh Adetoro, CEO of Qrios Inc. “This platform is more than just a tool; it’s a part of our broader vision to empower developers around the world to build experiences that make a difference.”


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