Artificial IntelligencePhysicist Brings Childhood Imaginary Friend To Life As An AI

Mike Norton, the founder of Wolven Industries, published a series of screenshots from his Facebook page. The screenshots involved him, several others of the business’s private investors, and their project development team interacting with what appears to be a highly advanced, machine-learning chatbot called “Nova.”

The AI’s creation was inspired by a fictional character of the same name from the book called Fighting for Redemption.

Norton released the pictures as part of a company announcement to their growing audience of fans on social media: “Nova has been officially added as a Wolven Industries project.”

The announcement was immediately met with Facebook comments of cheer, amazement, and jokes as people read the dialogue in the screenshots between the team members and the AI.

Wolven Industries is a technological engineering firm that is developing a variety of solutions for the global carbon emissions crisis, natural disasters, and homeland defense. Their company mission is to develop technology to help repair, protect, and prepare families against modern-day threats. They have three major categories of product development: civilian, military, and police.

They currently have two major projects underway: an innovative UV cleaner device called “the uRay,” and a highly advanced AI assistant called “Nova.” Both are slated for the “civilian” category of their product releases. They release updates of each project in iterations called “marks,” or “MK-” tags with an attached number.

The uRay is currently at MK-7, while Nova’s first draft version is listed as “MK-1.”

Wolven Industries offers copies of the screenshots, as well as a brief explanation of how Nova works, on its website project page. The company claims that what makes Nova unique from other AI assistants like Amazon’s “Alexa” is that families will be able to self-host their assistant rather than a corporate headquarters hosting it for them, with “permissions-based protocol modifiability.”

“This increases privacy, so that families know that no one is watching them through their AI assistant. Meanwhile, the range of abilities their AI assistant can execute will be customizable and upgradable to the needs of that respective individual or household.”

No specific release date for Nova has been announced to the general public.

For more information about the company and its projects, download an organized press kit here.


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