NetworkingOver One Million Entrepreneurs Attend 2021 China Unicorn Carnival Online

Economic experts around the world are touting unicorn and gazelle companies’ contributions to the global economy. These companies are expected to play important roles in the post-pandemic era. To provide them with growth fuel, China-based global business accelerator TOJOY Sharing Group is hosting a digital business opportunity sharing conference that over one million entrepreneurs are expected to attend.

The “2021 China Unicorn Carnival”, co-sponsored by the China Business Federation, the China Industry Development Association, Hurun, and TOJOY debuted on the TOJOY Boss Cloud app on August 6th. The event brings together entrepreneurs, innovative businesses, and business organizations to share knowledge and connect. 230,000 viewers attended the opening ceremony.

Executive Chairman and Secretary-General of the China Business Federation Wang Min said in his opening speech that China’s economy has entered a stage of high-quality development, and unicorn enterprises have become one of the core driving forces of economic growth. This digital event is expected to contribute to the continued development of an innovation-friendly business ecology.

TOJOY has served innovative companies for thirty years. TOJOY has offices in forty cities worldwide, accelerating 321 projects and serving over 12,000 enterprises to date.

Vice Chairman of the China Association for Industry Development Li Xiaojun said in the opening ceremony that the global economic environment has not slowed China’s economic upgrading. “This conference helps many entrepreneurs, especially traditional enterprises that were hit hard by the pandemic,” said Li.

TOJOY views the post-pandemic period as an important time for businesses to upgrade their models. TOJOY assists enterprises in making such upgrades through its one-stop enterprise service platform.

TOJOY Global CEO Ge Jun said in his opening speech that innovative companies must master new technologies to become unicorns. “TOJOY will use this conference to provide innovators with resources and knowledge,” said Ge.

TOJOY Consulting Group Chairman Li Shengfeng also presented a report on Sino-US Unicorn Ecology. Li pointed out that a shift towards platform-driven innovation helped China lead the world in number of unicorn companies.

TOJOY empowers companies through its Great Sharing Economic platform. Here, partnerships are forged to share tangible and intangible business resources, including capital, business knowledge, production capacity, and more.

A panel during the event featured insights from Li and executives from successful TOJOY-accelerated companies. The forum covered perspectives on future unicorns, including experiences from panel members.

The event kicked off “2021 China Unicorn Carnival Event Month”. A variety of knowledge sharing sessions will be broadcast live, with over 100 innovative projects presented through virtual roadshows. Networking sessions and business opportunity sharing make the event a must-attend.

Many of the companies appearing at the roadshows were listed recently in TOJOY and Hurun’s joint “Chinese Gazelle and Future Enterprise Lists” project, which launched in late July.

Unicorn development is a key contributor to China’s 14th Five Year Plan’s “Dual Cycle” economic initiative. TOJOY will continue to work with strategic partners to help traditional enterprises to transform and upgrade and help innovative enterprises to accelerate.


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