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To increase sales and marketing, businesses use many tactics. Sometimes the companies work within the team and some companies outsource their work to other companies who are experts in a particular area. In general words, outsourcing refers to a strategy whereby corporate tasks and structures are given to an external contractor, and demand generation is a strategy that drives data for marketing creating awareness and interest in a company’s offerings through the use of technology and B2B demand generation refers to ‌creating awareness and demand for the business products or services expanding the audience, generating buzz and driving traffics to transform interest into action.

Outsourced demand generation happens when a company hires another company who is an expert in generating demand within the people about the service and product of the company. This is so usual in the B2B industry. The outsourced demand generation company should be committed to marketing automation platforms and content marketing. B2b demand generation means the integration of marketing and sales machine that gets sales qualified leads to the sales rep and then helps to close with sales content marketing and the job is done when the deal is closed.

According to the Lattice Engines/CSO Insight study, a huge part of around 68% of companies face challenges in generating leads as it is hard to shift thinking from quantity to quality when there’s simply not enough volume in the revenue pipeline. Demand generation is not as easy as it sounds, there are different parameters, metrics that need to be taken care of for better outcomes. As a result, some brands opt to outsource some or all of their demand generation tasks.

Why Companies Outsource?

  • Lack of Manpower

Demand Generation requires time and proper attention. For companies that are struggling for funding might not have enough seats on their marketing teams to orchestrate a demand generation strategy.

  • Low funds

As per the Demand Gen Report, demand generation needs scores of cash, and no matter what budget you have is not always enough, an organization that outsources it should discover that it can make the foremost of a flat or short budget.

  • Expertise dearth

Wide knowledge of Martech, analytics, and digital capabilities are important for demand generation and broad expertise offered by the agency outsourcing is simply cheaper than trying to hire several experts.

  • Insufficient results

The insufficient resources affect the results and through outsourcing, one can get results as per the requirement.


Merits of Outsourcing Demand Generation

  • Expert Assistance– As the outsourced company has a qualified professional team, it offers far more advanced results. Partnering with this type of agency may provide industry-specific knowledge, consultancy, or insights to track good demand generation.
  • Access to a Variety of Skill Sets- One may have a variety of skill sets at your disposal such as content writers, ad design experts, survey researchers, CRM developers, and other highly specialized skill sets on demand.
  • Saves Training expenses- When a company hires employees internally for demand generation, it may have a gap in implementing new demand generation methods and tactics whereas outsourcing speeds up the timing of the result by providing already fully trained specialists who need no training.
  • Easier access to Termination- Outsourcing may present a relatively low-risk way to run demand generation, especially compared to internal initiatives. For more flexibility, one can even opt for a partnership that includes scalable services or month-to-month agreement terms.


Tipping points for Outsourced B2B Demand Generation Company-

  • Integration and alignment of marketing and sales team-

The company should create an agreement between sales & marketing that defines the different stages of a lead and how it will convert into sales.

  • Crafting of the scorecard-

It makes teams work together towards a single goal. The scorecard should be framed under the following concentration:

  1. Touches to interest- No. attempts to reach leads before they show interest.
  2. Interest in Marketing Qualified Lead- Leads interest in your information
  3. MQL to Sales Accepted Lead- The leads that have interests in your services, converting them into sales.
  4. Sales Qualified Lead to Proposal- A benchmark should be set for how many buyers move to accept a quotation.
  5. Proposal to close a deal- After proposal acceptance, how many deals are closed?


Demand Generation Trends in 2022

Nowadays, demand generation requires a more comprehensive marketing approach as it combines both marketing and sales initiatives to produce a more significant overall contribution to revenue. In 2022, top trends of demand generation would be-

  • Video Marketing

As video is becoming a preferred way to attract buyers towards their content. Utilizing curated byte-sized videos is a way to implement video marketing that is effective and concise.

  • Content Creation-

It is an absolute must for today’s marketers. Funnel creation that keeps customers moving successfully relies on how well the company is engaging them throughout their journey.

  • Prioritizing Linkedin Marketing

Approx 97% of people use LinkedIn for content marketing making it essential for B2B marketers. Linkedin offers user data that can be incredibly significant to marketers.

  • Podcasts

It is a valuable trend for B2b marketers, as over 45% of podcast listeners make over $250000 annually out of which many are CEOs and top executives.

  • Chatbots and Marketing implementation

The audience demands responses and acts more quickly and using automation or live chat through AI will empower marketers to instantly respond to the audience that generates good leads.

  • Sales and Marketing functions integrations

The functions and goals of sales and marketing syncing generate 24% faster revenue growth. It ensures a more effective strategy that can decrease the time spent on the sales cycle.

  • User experience prioritization

To ensure user experience, nearly 48% of marketers build new landing pages for individual marketing campaigns if it is cohesive and effective for the campaign’s goals.

  • A/B Testing

It layout the chance to test two unique versions of copy, page, or a design that shares the same specific goal. It gives the information that should be determined that how to best delegate the marketing efforts to optimize conversions.

  • Multi-Channel Strategies

It empowers to reach the target from different platforms and unique forms of media.

There are multiple companies that outsource demand generation, but First Connect Digital is the most reliable one as it provides services as per the need of the clients. Since 2017, the company has served 99k+ lead delivery with timely campaign delivery approx 9999+  with a 200% growth rate. The company provides services like-

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The company is a trustable one catering end-to-end digital services as per the client’s needs providing solutions like- Lead Management, data solution, Sales Targeting, Digital marketing to the companies.

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