StorageORock Technologies Introduces Cloud Storage with No Data Egress Fees

ORock® Technologies, Inc. today introduced a suite of Cloud Storage as a Service solutions for commercial organizations and government agencies. ORock developed its cloud-based storage portfolio in conjunction with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) using HPE GreenLake to deploy secure, high-performing infrastructure and storage solutions as-a-Service, including HPE ProLiant Servers, HPE Apollo Systems, and HPE 3PAR Storage.

ORock’s storage solutions provide instant accessibility to data at all times. Unlike cloud storage offered by hyperscale cloud service providers, ORock’s simple, OPEX-based pricing models do not charge for data ingress or egress. Customers can access and use their stored data however and whenever they need it without complex cost calculations, unpredictable bills, or budget overruns.

ORock offers Object storage and Block storage as a service with both Premium and Hot variants available for each storage type. This flexibility, along with the capability to integrate compute functionality, enables a number of backup, disaster recovery, and analytics use cases. These include hybrid cloud backup strategies, replacement of legacy backup tape systems, direct backup to the cloud, and big data analysis. ORock cloud storage also permits enterprises to either replace existing hyperscale cloud storage deployments or implement multi-cloud strategies for added redundancy and cost efficiency.

Customer data is stored and automatically replicated within ORockCloud, ORock’s secure IaaS environment, with both multi-tenant and dedicated infrastructures available. Also built on HPE ProLiant Servers and HPE Apollo Systems, which feature the industry’s most secure solution, the HPE-exclusive silicon root of trust (SROT) for end-to-end data protection, ORock’s enterprise-grade open source environments feature up to 421 security controls to defend the most sensitive data. ORockCloud is authorized by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and the Department of Defense for use by government agencies. It complies with HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, Privacy Shield, and GDPR standards.

“By utilizing the most secure hardware from HPE and controlling our private backbone network from end to end, ORock delivers what enterprises value most in cloud storage: security, reliability, scalability, performance, and predicable costs,” said Gregory Hrncir, co-founder and CEO of ORock. “Organizations no longer need to feel locked into a specific storage vendor or worry about unexpected data egress fees when they access their data.”


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