Artificial IntelligenceNorth Carolina Company, Geo Owl, Selected by Innovare’s Aspire Program to Create Video Captioning AI

Geo Owl (Wilmington, NC) was selected by Innovare, a partnership amongst the Air Force Research Laboratory and other New York-based organizations, to improve video captioning technology. Along with a handful of other industry, university, and government partners, Geo Owl will assist Innovare’s Aspire program to “Create a near-real-time scene captioning artificial intelligence algorithm for use in full-motion streaming video analysis, automatically capturing unique, anomalous or unexpected context; emphasis is on raw, live or otherwise unanalyzed video,” according to the Innovare website.

Geo Owl has provided full-motion video analysis to various military and government customers including the United States Air Force, Special Operations Command, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency since 2013. In addition, Geo Owl has built an in-house intelligence collection and distribution software, Patternflows, which can be leveraged to assist with captioning video footage. The Aspire program will rely on Geo Owl’s vast operational and software development expertise for input on the AI algorithm capabilities and the technology usability.

Innovare hosted a summit on August 18 and 19 to coordinate relationships and launch the Aspire series. You can watch Day 2 of the Aspire Summit here.

Patternflows is a patent-pending technology that improves the way intelligence is collected, stored, and disseminated. The technology consists of an Open API structure that is strategically aligned with the DoD’s focus on data usability and interoperability for the future. The technology can be used for any intelligence observation and when used for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions, increases productivity by 130% compared to current methods. Data is collected in a way that allows for a vast expansion of spatial data, which results in five hundred times the spatial data when compared to other methods. This vast expansion of information and the clean, open data architecture is what enables powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes. The intelligence information is distributed via a web application or feeds into other sources such as maps, dashboards or analytics tools via the API which enable other intelligence stakeholders to access information in near real time.

You can learn more about the Innovare organization and Aspire program at


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