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Neurotechnology, a provider of deep learning-based solutions and high-precision biometric identification technologies, has released a mobile app that enables users to easily use image recognition models from their phone. enables users to build, train and deploy image recognition models without the need of an understanding of AI or deep learning. The app serves as a useful companion to the online platform, which itself has received a recent update.

The app, which is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, brings a new level of convenience for users, as models can now be used immediately on the photos taken by a phone camera. app users have a wide range of pre-trained image recognition models to select from, or they can train a custom model using the web interface and make it available on their phone immediately. Additionally, the app enables users to:

  • Use the image similarity search function to upload a photo from a phone and then find similar photos within a dataset
  • Make predictions using photos uploaded from phone gallery
  • Use the AI-assisted labeling feature to save predictions as image labels in the dataset

The latest changes to the online platform focused on delivering the most user-friendly experience to date, through a range of new features and changes to the online dashboard and website. These changes included:

  • The introduction of a new pay-as-you-go wallet system that enables users to pay for only what they use on the platform
  • Object detection models became available for all registered users to build, train and deploy, whereas previously they had only been available for users on premium subscription plans
  • To benefit users with a large image dataset, users are now able to retrain full classification model networks, as well as being able to choose to automatically stop classification model training if there is no improvement for a specified amount of time
  • When using through the REST API, users are able to upload and delete images from a project
  • To broaden the accessibility of, new C# REST API code samples and Swagger specifications were added to provide users with the tools needed to incorporate into their own projects
  • In-depth user guides and video tutorials have been added to the website, to help every user make the most of the range of image recognition tools available on the platform

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