Artificial IntelligenceMoviebook Showcases Full-Stack Solutions for Industrial Digital Transformation at CIDEE 2021 in Shijiazhuang, China

Moviebook, a leading AI-powered intelligent video production infrastructure and service provider, is exhibiting a series of solutions which enable various industries including retail ecommerce and media to achieve automatic production, digital management, visually multi-dimensional and interactive presentations among others, at the 2021 China International Digital Economy Expo (CIDEE 2021) in ShijiazhuangHebei from September 6 to 8, 2021.

The miniature digital factory, located at the center of Moviebook’s exhibition area, is an intelligent manufacturing base for digital commerce. It is reflective of the Company’s strategic blueprint for retail digitization. As a representation of all terminals on the production line and their layout, the factory model demonstrates the whole automatic production process of digitized products, with an introduction from staff about the production cycle. This wholly immersive and interactive experience gives the audience a deeper understanding of the technologies involved in the production process and Moviebook’s technological strengths.

Additionally, building on its self-developed automatic editing and generation system, Moviebook can generate life-like virtual persons in a low-latency, smooth and efficient manner. These virtual persons can perform tasks as accurately and fluently as their physical counterparts, delivering a realistic viewing and interactive experience. Last but not least, Moviebook is exploring ways to advance personalized learning with the assistance of intelligent video production and digital twin technologies. The Company endeavors to automatically build virtual teaching scenarios and quickly share quality educational resources, thereby contributing to China’s educational reform.

An executive at Moviebook commented, “By digitizing all links and disrupting traditional models of human-intensive production, our solutions will help industries cut costs and increase efficiency, innovate application scenarios, improve user experience and create new business models in the process of industrial digital transformation. Ultimately, Moviebook will contribute to the high-quality development of the digital economy.”

Take retail, the most closely connected industry to consumers, for example. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the retail industry has come to rely on digital technologies more than ever. To service retail’s digital upgrading, Moviebook has developed its Automatic Digital Twin (ADT) engine by fusing AI technologies with digital twin technology. With its ADT engine and its leading intelligent manufacturing base for digital commerce in China, the Company provides ready-to-use solutions customized for different scenarios by digitizing products and stores, allowing for a try-before-you-buy online experience, and enabling digital marketing as well as digital customer service. As a result, the whole industrial chain spanning from production to after-sales service can be visualized. The ADT engine and the digital factory are becoming the infrastructure for developing digital commerce.

Currently, Moviebook’s solutions have been adopted by multiple sectors and continue to deliver benefits such as enhancing efficiency, lowering costs and optimizing management. Gradually, a virtuous cycle of the industrial chain embracing automatic production, digital management and commercialization is taking shape. As the Company proceeds to develop and iterate the fusion of AI and digital twin technologies, it is further tapping relevant industries’ potential for automatic production and commercialization, hence laying a solid foundation for future industrial development.

CIDEE 2021, co-sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People’s Government of Hebei Province, was unveiled in ShijiazhuangHebei on September 6. As the only national digital economy exhibition in China, CIDEE 2021 aims at advancing the integration between digital and real sectors of the economy, facilitating the development of the digital sector, and enabling the digital sector to become a new engine of China’s high-quality economic growth.

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