Artificial IntelligenceMoviebook Empowers Industries to Achieve China’s “Dual Carbon” Goals by Leveraging AI

Heeding the call of the Chinese government to help forge a green and low-carbon economy, Moviebook, a leading AI-powered infrastructure and service provider of intelligent video production, has built a visual technology service platform underpinned by AI and digital twin technologies to contribute to “Dual Carbon” goals by accelerating the realization of green lifestyles and production.

This comes as China’s State Council issued its “Opinions on the Complete, Accurate and Comprehensive Implementation of the New Development Concept”, in which it highlights the country’s “dual carbon” goals as the engine for more environmentally-conscious future growth. With its outstanding strengths in AI and digital twin technologies as well as digital solutions, Moviebook is providing a blueprint for companies across a wide range of industries as they steer themselves towards this national objective, optimize their development, and accelerate the realization of green lifestyles and production.

Moviebook’s digital manual serves as a resource for retail and other brands as they embark on product imaging and visualization, data information visualization, digital twins (of products), and more. In doing so, it demonstrates the potential of visualizing all kinds of data and information, with the aim of reducing dependence on paper, lowering carbon emissions, and creating a new paradigm for public life.

Moviebook is responding to the call of the Chinese government and society at large by helping create tomorrow’s low-carbon economy. As companies and industries explore green solutions, they will increasingly focus on building up their digital infrastructure and maximizing the potential of the internet, AI, 5G, and other emerging technologies. The digital economy opens up enhanced efficiency while reducing costs and carbon emissions, enabling the scaling and commercialization of next-generation R&D and playing a key role in our collective path towards green development.

Moviebook was the first enterprise to launch the industry-leading AI+DT deep integration for its AI digital twin engine, Automatic Digital Twin (ADT). Its wide-ranging application scenarios enable diverse industries to upgrade digitally and intelligently.

One such example is the energy industry. Moviebook is currently providing technical services and support that includes realizing AI applications and creating virtual reality scenarios. This is helping reshape processes from construction and operational management to customer service, boosting the overall efficiency of energy systems while reducing inefficiency and resource waste.

In terms of smart city construction, ADT is giving full play to the potential of data and information, enabling physical and digital cities to become true twins and grow together and empowering them to run smarter and with greater energy efficiency.

China’s “dual carbon” goals outline the country’s ambitions for sustainable development, as it strives to reach peak carbon by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. As a leading Chinese tech company, Moviebook is committed to pushing the boundaries of its intelligent video production technology and actively exploring new business models to continuously inject energy and innovation into the country’s sustainable development.


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