Artificial IntelligenceMobile-based training platform EduMe partners with Workforce Management tool Quinyx to provide an all-in-one solution for deskless workers

Quinyx and EduMe today announced an all-new partnership where they will integrate to support business growth and reduce costs, by better serving the informational needs of the 2.7 billion strong global deskless workforce across industries such as on-demand, logistics, hospitality and retail.

These individuals represent 80% of the world’s workforce, yet just 56% are engaged enough to succeed at work, leading to poorer business results like: lower profitability, productivity, higher absenteeism, turnover, quality defects and safety-related compensation claims. In contrast, when empowered with the information they need to succeed, deskless workers can excel, facilitating the success of the whole, or ‘Workforce Success’.

Quinyx’s leading AI-powered workforce management software makes the complex tasks of scheduling, time reporting, communicating, budgeting and forecasting deskless workers simple. EduMe’s mobile-based training tool ensures role-relevant knowledge is put into the hands of those who need it, when they need it, improving the productivity, retention and safety & compliance of workforces worldwide. Existing clients of the two platforms include brands like Hilton Hotels, McDonalds, Starbucks, Uber, Gopuff, Deliveroo and Vodafone.

The integration will see leading mobile training tool EduMe embedded within Quinyx’s workforce management tool, facilitating a seamless journey in which deskless workers can stay organized and in-the-know from day one, with accessible and contextual information that enables them to become operational faster, elevate their on-the-job performance and ensure safety results.

Jacob Waern, Founder and CEO of EduMe said: “We’re more than excited to be entering this partnership with Quinyx. The deskless workforce worldwide is on the rise, but are deprived of the tools to excel in their roles. EduMe’s mobile-based training platform gives individuals seamless access to relevant knowledge in the flow of their working day, which appears contextually within Quinyx’s platform. Together, our complementary solutions ensure modern businesses remain competitive and achieve Workforce Success, by improving productivity, reducing turnover and ensuring their large, distributed workforces are operating in a safe and compliant manner.”

Erik Fjellborg, CEO and Founder of Quinyx added: “We’re very excited about our partnership with EduMe. At Quinyx, we’re committed to creating a better work life for as many people as possible. By entering this partnership with EduMe, we will be able to not only offer organizations the opportunity to seamlessly manage their workforce, but also to enjoy the benefits of EduMe’s mobile-based training platform. For fast-growing and forward thinking organizations, implementing our complementary solutions will be a strategic decision that will lead to great benefits and help deliver business growth.”


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