AnalyticsMiniTool Released Partition Wizard 12.5 – Pro Platinum Added & Data Recovery Enhanced

MiniTool Software Ltd just released Partition Wizard 12.5. This is the first cumulative update since this year and the update contents include adding Pro Platinum Edition, Improving the accuracy of FAT32 partition data recovery, and fixing bugs appearing when copying BitLocker encrypted partitions.

Pro Platinum Added

To meet the diverse needs of users, MiniTool made a little adjustment on Partition Wizard edition distribution. The new Pro Platinum Edition is now available in this update, which brings all functions of Pro Ultimate Edition such as partition and data recovery, OS migration, bootable media, dynamic disk management, system disk and partition clone, etc. A big difference between the two editions is that the Pro Platinum can be used on 3 PCs while the perpetual license of Pro Ultimate Edition can be used on up to 5 PCs now.

FAT32 Partition Data Recovery Enhanced

MiniTool Partition Wizard allows users to recover data from FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS partitions. MiniTool Partition Wizard 12.5 improves the accuracy of FAT32 partition data recovery, helping users recover large files more accurately in FAT32 partition.

FAT32 partitions allow users to store files no larger than 4GB. Before this update, MiniTool Partition Wizard can occasionally fail to locate the cluster where a large file ends up with, resulting in data recovery failure occasionally. In the latest MiniTool Partition Wizard 12.5, the data recovery algorithm has been greatly improved, therefore the data recovery success rate is higher.

BitLocker Encrypted Partition Clone Bug Fix

MiniTool Partition Wizard allows users to clone partitions including BitLocker encrypted partitions. However, before this update, there are some bugs occurring when cloning BitLocker encrypted partitions, for example:

  • BitLocker encrypted partition clone fails without reasonable causes. This seldomly happens but does exist.
  • The new BitLocker encrypted partition size is not applied actually. MiniTool Partition Wizard allows users to copy and extend BitLocker encrypted partitions. But some users reported that after copying and extending a BitLocker encrypted partition, the Windows File Explorer shows that the new BitLocker encrypted partition has the same size as the original BitLocker partition.

MiniTool has always been committed to bringing users a better user experience. According to MiniTool, the newly released Partition Wizard 12.5 fixed the above issues, now BitLocker encrypted volumes including the encrypted system C drive can be successfully copied without hassle.


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