AnalyticsMedicx Announces Access to Its High Performing Micro-Neighborhood® Audiences

Today, Medicx Health announced access to its patented and industry leading Micro-Neighborhood® audiences. Through Medicx Audience Access (MAA), clients are now able to build and contract custom campaign audiences directly from Medicx to execute on their internal trading platforms. Previously, Medicx’s hyperlocal audiences were only available through Medicx managed service campaign platform.

Clients now have the choice to let Medicx execute their campaigns or to execute campaigns themselves, through self-service with MAA. The addition of the MAA service not only provides clients with high value audiences, but it also gives them the flexibility to access custom built audience segments and manage their optimizations and budgets.

Through MAA, users will benefit from the precision of Medicx Micro-Neighborhood® audience data for targeting, just as they do with the managed service offering. They should expect to reach their target patients, at scale across channels, and do so cost-effectively with strong audience quality. These custom audiences will be available to use through digital, social, and advanced TV channels and can be delivered quickly for activation.

Frank Hicks, EVP of Product Strategy & Partnerships, stated “As we continue to deliver solutions that meet the needs of our clients, MAA will provide Media Agency teams and Pharma clients ease of access to Medicx’s industry leading audience segments. This will help them control their full programmatic media investment, reduce waste in campaign targeting, lower their effective CPM’s and deliver strong audience quality and ROI performance for their brands.”

Audiences available through the self-service option are built using Medicx internal Privacy by Design processes in conjunction with an annual Expert Determination and are HIPAA compliant. To learn more about Medicx Audience Access, contact your local Medicx representative or visit our website.


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