Artificial IntelligenceKandao Technology Released Kandao Meeting S, an Ultra-Wide 180° Standalone Video Conference Camera

Easy to take with, Kandao Meeting S was released by Kandao Technology as an ultra-wide 180° standalone video conference camera designed for conferencing in a small meeting room. With it, users can start a meeting anytime and anywhere.

A great video conference can’t make it without a perfect picture, astounding sound, and professional-grade microphone. Equipped with a 195-degree lens, this product is to fully cover the whole meeting room and convey a final image without distortion in a 180-degree view. It is not ground-breaking to combine an ultra-wide lens and AI localization algorithm, but it is undoubtable this combination improves the experience of video conferencing by leaps and bounds. The AI algorithm is upgraded on Kandao Meeting S for precisely real-time locating and tracking the speaking person, which is called Meeting AI 3.0.

Different modes, view-lock, and zoom functions are provided for making the video conferencing always function appropriately. The single-person mode, with its function of highlighting the spokesman only, is the best choice for presentation. The two-attendee mode will display two attendees in two rectangles while highlighting the active speaker. Multi-attendee mode will display five attendees, and highlight and display the speaking person in the main rectangle. The ultra-wide mode is designed to show the entire 180-degree field of vision so that no detail will be left out.

Based on the full-duplex design, everyone can contribute to the conversation in real-time. Eight professional-grade microphones and intelligent algorithms make accurate beamforming possible, noise reduction and echo cancellation. The premium audio system is composed of an eight-microphone array and an eight-speaker array that can reach to five-meter pickup range.

Looks Like an Astronaut

Kandao Meeting S is in a silver-white astronaut-look design, with a round camera and white lens cover on top. The body of Kandao Meeting S is made of impact-resistant plastic material and surrounded by SPCC metal horn mesh. With white semi-matte frosted paint spray, the texture and color of Kandao Meeting S are greatly optimized. In addition to the enhancement of holding experience, this appearance design is also anti-slip and sweat-proof.

Stylish and Portable

Kandao Meeting S is always easy to set up at home, on a business trip or in the office. The standalone mode of it is the key that makes it outstanding and portable. Negates the need for an external computer, major video conferencing software can be installed and run on it. Connecting Kandao Meeting S to a screen through an HDMI cable is the only thing needed to be done before a successful video meeting. Moreover, it is shipped with a remote controller, making interactions and controls much easier.

Video conferencing is becoming more important than ever. It has become an indispensable way of efficient work and interpersonal communication, whilst the launch of Kandao Meeting S undoubtedly makes a step further to provide a high-quality video conferencing experience.



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