SecurityITC Secure Announces Strategic Partnership With Condatis to Extend Identity and Security Capabilities

ITC Secure (ITC), a leading advisory-led cyber security services company, announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with Condatis, a UK leader for Microsoft external identity solutions and a thought leader for decentralised identity.

ITC is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Security and member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. It launched its in-house Microsoft identity and access management and cloud security practice back in June to address the complexities often faced by organisations when securing users across hybrid environments and managing access to corporate data and systems.

In today’s world, identity and access management is not just for employees. Organisations must be able to provide secure access for contractors, business partners, remote and mobile users, and customers.

Arno Robbertse, Chief Executive of ITC Secure, said: “This partnership enables ITC to continue to strengthen its cyber security portfolio and help customers build their path to Zero Trust in today’s work-from-anywhere era. Identity and access management is a key component of any enterprise security strategy because it stands between users and critical enterprise assets.”

This announcement formalises the partnership with Condatis and enables ITC to extend its identity and security capabilities. This will include external identity solutions, implementation, and managed services, and will address staff passporting not just for access but also for driving green workforce credentials.

The partnership will provide further joint development for workplace credential solutions and will ensure that management of all identities and access is consistent and effective regardless of where an identity originates from – be it internal or external.

Chris Tate, CEO of Condatis, added: “We like to say that our solutions provide organisations with a secure digital front door to their business, giving them greater control over user access and data security. Together with our partners at ITC, we will design smoother, more trusted user journeys for our clients that identify, authenticate, and authorise internal and external users to access company resources, helping our clients reduce cost and risk. We are about to release several joint offers that enhance Microsoft’s Customer Protection Suite through Azure Marketplace and encourage our existing clients to speak to us if they wish to enhance their systems further.”

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