Artificial IntelligencePress ReleaseIDTechEx Research Release ‘Technology Innovations Outlook 2024-2034’ Magazine

IDTechEx is pleased to announce the release of its annual magazine of expert-written articles on technology innovation, ‘IDTechEx Technology Innovations Outlook 2024-2034′. This complimentary magazine provides insights into some of the key areas of the dynamic landscape of emerging technologies with a sharp business focus. Highly technical industry analysts share these insights through engaging and informative articles. The magazine also provides a glimpse of the technological analysis and valuable business insights that IDTechEx’s market intelligence research can offer.

This year’s edition features 12 articles exploring technology areas, including AR/VR/MR, quantum technologies, 6G, solid-state batteries, Li-ion battery sustainability, hydrogen, the future of EVs, thermal management, semiconductors, AI chips, robotics, and sustainable polymers. Each article provides readers with an assessment of the existing technology and market landscape and shares the outlook for the next decade.

In the article “A Tale of Two Realities: Mapping Spatial Computing’s Next Decade”, Dr Sam Dale, Senior Technology Analyst, shares how events in 2023 led IDTechEx to identify two important narratives it expects to unfold over the next decade of the XR market.

According to Dr Yu-Han Chang, Senior Technology Analyst, in her article “6G – Now and the Future”, the gradual introduction of 6G technology is likely to begin around 2028, with official commercialization anticipated by 2030.

In her article “Rising Star: Commercial Advancements and Developments of Solid-State Batteries”, Dr Xiaoxi He, Research Director, explains that, from a technological and business perspective, the development of SSBs has emerged as part of the next-generation battery strategy.

Senior Technology Analyst Dr Tess Skyrme shares in her article “Quantum Sensors vs. Quantum Computers: The Next 10 Years” that the relative lack of hype in quantum sensing doesn’t reflect a lesser market opportunity in the near and medium term – in fact, quite the opposite is more likely true.

The article “The Age of Artificial Intelligence: AI Chips to 2034” reveals that the revenue generated from the sale of AI chips (including the sale of physical chips and the rental of chips via cloud services) is expected to rise to just shy of USD$300 billion by 2034, at a compound annual growth rate of 22% from 2024 to 2034.

All the articles in the magazine are based on research carried out by IDTechEx analysts as part of their ongoing research into their respective technology and market areas. IDTechEx offers independent, expert-led technical and commercial analysis on technology innovations through market intelligence services, including subscriptions, research reports, and consultancy. Research is conducted at a global level through interviews, event attendance, and proprietary analysis.


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