NetworkingHozpitality Group has Recently Launched a Dedicated Hospitality Networking Website in Canada for North America

This unique approach from the Hozpitality Group is to bring the entire global hospitality community under one roof through networking opportunities, courses, jobs and marketplace. The hospitality industry webs around the world, stringing hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise ships, cinemas, travel agencies, amusement parks, events, retail, mall, facilities management, clubs, spa and casinos and the suppliers who directly sell to these companies. We are talking about most of the business that people use for leisure and business, except oil and gas, real estate, banks, healthcare. Many countries in the world are solely dependent on travel and tourism. The vision of Hozpitality Group is to bring the entire hospitality industry and professionals on board to create, “The world’s largest hospitality community”. We are talking about getting all the companies and professionals from above mentioned sub-categories from each city, country, and continent. There is a huge scope there, when it comes to networking hospitality professionals are taught a different set of minds, core values and competencies. We want to bring those liked minded together on this platform to network, build connections, study, and grow in their career and find suitable jobs, all through one platform, says Vandana Bhatt, Managing Director, Hozpitality Group.

Hozpitality Group CEO, Raj Bhatt says, “When you are opening a hotel or a restaurant, there are some guidelines and protocols that you would like to discuss and get suggestions. We want to provide you that platform, where people from the same position and industry are available to share some fantastic ideas which can help you organize better than you had imagined. They might be sitting across the globe but are using better technology, procedures, and measures. It would be ecstatic if you can get everything at your fingertips by just posting that one question on We want to make it easier for the hotel companies to post that one crucial job and receive only shortlisted CV’s that would fit their company as uses high standards for matching profiles, we want to reduce the burden from the HR people’s shoulders.”

“When an International hotel management institute posts a course online, we want to make sure that students are available in the network to apply for online courses and can register themselves overseas by just hitting one button on”, says Raj Bhatt. We want the global professional to enhance their careers by studying some long-distance learning. The moment, these aspiring students are ready to hit the job market, we want to make sure brings the best hospitality jobs for them. There is also a section for Alumni to connect, the schools can use this facility for their students.

“Thousands of hospitality exhibitions take place around the globe each year, millions of suppliers attend these trade shows to connect with the hospitality companies to sell their products. They spent millions of dollars to put of a nice stand and spend on the team travel, marketing, and all. We want to give them a platform where hospitality suppliers from the global market can list their products and connect with the leaders professional through to directly sell their best supplies”, says Vandana Bhatt, MD Hozpitality Group.

“There is no website where companies can post their articles, promotions, deals and offers directly and share. With, we have created an amazing timeline for the companies where they can publish all these things in their account. In the time of competition, marketing and PR, we have made sure to support our partners by giving them an attractive profile and mini site which can be shared with followers on other social media platforms as well, says, Raj Bhatt. is now ready to serve Canadian hospitality companies, suppliers, hotel management schools and professionals. Canadian hotels, restaurants, airlines, retail, malls, spa, casinos, suppliers, cinemas are all welcome to join to create the company profile to connect with fellow Canadian hospitality professionals. Canadian Govt. is now announcing re-opening in all the Canadian provinces post Covid which includes opening of the various sectors of the hospitality industry. We are hoping we will get back to the new normal and the hospitality industry will start to see the boom once again in near future.


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